The policy aims to reduce overall energy consumption and help preserve the environment. This policy was endorsed by the Sustainability Council, the Cabinet, and the Expanded Institutional Planning Council; its effective date was April 11, 2012.

If you reside in the residence halls, this means that the temperature set point will cool your space to 74 degrees. When we are in a season that requires heating, your space will heat to the temperature set point of 68 degrees. This temperature policy also applies to classrooms and all other College spaces.

Tampering with the cooling/heating unit (to circumvent the policy) is prohibited and if found tampering with this equipment, you may go through the disciplinary process and pay a fine for repairs, etc.

In the event that you may experience concerns with the operation of the heating and cooling system in your space (outside of the temperature set points), please contact National at 706-880-8296.