ARAMARK operates the service at LaGrange College; a full-time manager (director of food services) is in charge of preparing and serving all meals in the dining hall and the campus grill.  Residential students (live on-campus) are required to have a meal plan (board) specific to their residential assignment.    Commuter students (approved to live off-campus by the director of housing) are also charged (a designated amount by the college) that a commuter can use as a declining balance each semester. 

This is an excellent plan that provides well-balanced nutritious meals. In the case of special needs or medically prescribed diets, the student with a special diet and/or medical need will need to provide a medical letter from a licensed medical professional that outlines the medical needs as well as special dietary food needs for the student to the director of food services.  The director of food services may contact the medical professional to learn more about the medical diet and then will determine the outcome that serves the student’s medical needs.

Information on various meal plans are available in the Business Office and/or the Office of Residential Education & Housing.

LaGrange College endeavors to keep costs at a minimum while not compromising on quality; therefore, there are some regulations that are required to maintain a high-quality food service and keep cost low: 

  1. Patrons may eat all they want while dining in the dining hall; however, no food should be taken out. (Exceptions: ice-cream, and other menu items specified as “take out”). 
  1. If a meal is needed for a sick student, a request form for a take-out meal must be submitted with the signature of the Area Manager or Director of Housing.
  2. No College-owned utensils—plates, glasses, or other such items may be taken from the dining hall. 
  1. Beverages may be taken out in paper or plastic containers (not to exceed 16 oz.) 
  1. No residential student is to allow a non-paying person to eat from his/her tray, nor should they provide these individuals with dishes to serve themselves. These rules are not meant to be limiting in any way to a student who has purchased the board plan, but to eliminate waste and unnecessary cost.

The students of LaGrange College have always been considered friendly and warm, and this characteristic has been very evident in the dining hall. Mealtime should be a pleasant, relaxing break in the daily routine of classes and study. Students are expected to use good manners and consideration in their behavior in the dining hall.

Attire: proper attire is required. This always includes shoes and shirts. No bathing suits.

No smoking area: The entire dining hall and serving area is considered a no smoking area.