LaGrange College has a contract for cable services with Spectrum. We have a Deluxe Cable + Sports package through the app SpectrumU, which provides access to the app on a variety of devices. SpectrumU can be downloaded for phones and tablets in the app store on Android and Apple devices or streamed by using the SpectrumU web browser on a computer or TV. Students will need a ROKU device to stream on their TV if their smart TV does not currently carry the app (limited TVs currently run the app) or an HDMI coded connection to their device.

Instruction to connect your TV to Spectrum cable package:

  • Plug in your TV to the power outlet
  • Make sure to connect a streaming device like a ROKU for best service
  • You may need to contact IT to have your device connected to the campus internet. This will be determined by your MAC address for the device. Please contact for help with this connection to the internet
  • Download the SpectrumU App to the device that you would like to stream on
  • Enjoy a variety of channels in your room or around campus
  • Access channels by logging in with your username (college email)

Instructions to report your concern:

  • Follow the basic steps to troubleshoot your concern again to ensure correct connections, etc.
  • If you still have concerns for your cable service: if you live in: Boatwright, Hawkes, Candler, or Turner email Kelli Tolbert at and if you live in Broad Street Apartments, Henry, Hawkes, or Greek Life email and include the information below to ensure a timely response to reporting your concern:

o   first and last name

o   residence hall and room # (and letter if in apartments)

o   your cell phone number

o   short description of the message on your TV and the nature of your issue

  ***Know that Charter may increase the replacement cost of their equipment (without notice) and the replacement cost that you will be charged will rise accordingly***

Feel free to check out the housing website