I. Non-Solicitation Policy

In the interest of maintaining a productive and non-coercive educational and work environment LaGrange College prohibits all sales and solicitations on LaGrange College property, which includes all college-owned and rented buildings and grounds, without prior authorization.

 In accordance with this policy, solicitation or soliciting shall include: 

  • Canvassing, soliciting or seeking to obtain membership in or support for any organization requesting contributions.
  • Posting or distributing handbills, pamphlets, petitions, and advertising materials.
  • Peddling or otherwise selling, purchasing, or offering goods and services for sale or purchase.
  • Engaging in any other conduct relating to any outside business interests or for profit or personal economic benefit on LaGrange College property or using LaGrange College resources (including bulletin boards, computers, mail, email and telecommunication systems, photocopier, telephone lists and databases).
  • Solicitations that are contrary to the mission of the institution are strictly prohibited.

 Approved solicitation may not interfere with other polices of the institution.

Solicitation may not interfere or compete with the commercial operations of LaGrange College or contractual relations with its affiliates; or infringe upon the college’s trademarks or logos or other intellectual property rights.

Approved solicitation may not interfere with instruction, the orderly operation of the college and the maintenance of its grounds; obstruct the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic; use sound amplification equipment; or in any way interfere with the rights of other persons on college property.

Solicitation activities are prohibited in college residence halls without prior approval. 

False, misleading, or illegal claims are prohibited and solicitors may not make any representation, implied or direct, that indicates an endorsement or guarantee of products or services by LaGrange College.

    1. registered student clubs or student organizations must receive approval from the Enrollment Management and Student Experience Office.
    2. faculty or staff (including contracted service providers) must receive approval from the Human Resources department.

      II. Approval of Solicitation 

      Any group or individual wishing to distribute literature or printed materials of any kind, to sell or solicit others to purchase memberships, merchandise or services, to seek recommendations for services or to

      recruit on campus must be authorized to do so. Requests are submitted electronically to the Community Bulletin Board on a form available on PantherNet, reviewed by Human Resources to ensure compliance with stated guidelines, and released to all faculty and staff enrolled in the Community Bulletin Board distribution. 

      Any solicitation undertaken that is directed to: 

    III. Violations of this Policy

    In the case of a violation of this policy, permission to engage in solicitation may be revoked, and future requests may be canceled or denied. Non-affiliated solicitors will be asked to leave the campus by the LaGrange College campus security personnel.