Because the intellectual and cultural opportunities during one’s college years are exceptionally rich, and because exposure to a variety of cultural experiences, and participation in a lively collegial atmosphere,

during one’s intellectually formative years, are vital to the concept of a liberal education, LaGrange College is dedicated to assisting in this enrichment by requiring all students to accumulate a prescribed number of Cultural Enrichment programs - lectures, presentations, events, performances, recitals, etc. As the academic year progresses, the CE calendar on the college web site provides the most up-to-date listing of CE events, showing new events added throughout the year.

Students will meet their obligation according to the following schedule:


Earned Hours Upon Entry To College

Cultural Events Needed to Graduate

New/Transfer First Year

0-14 Sem. Hours


Transfer First Year

15-29 Sem. Hours


Transfer Sophomore

30-45 Sem. Hours


Transfer Sophomore

46-59 Sem. Hours


Transfer Junior

60-75 Sem. Hours


Transfer Junior

76-89 Sem. Hours


Transfer Senior

90 and above



Students may check their CE credits on Banner Web. To view your CE graduation requirements, the events you’ve attended, and the total number of CE credits you’ve earned, go to PantherNet, then Banner Self Service; click on the Student Tab, and then select the Student Records link. Once on this page, click on the bottom link to View Cultural Enrichment Credits. Please keep in mind that there is typically a one-week delay between the event and when the attendance list is posted on Banner. Some Cultural Enrichment events may be offered online, through Connect. These events will typically be open for a set amount of time and will usually be credited to students within a week of the events' close. Contact Ms. Vickie Evans ( ) with any questions about Cultural Enrichment.

For students who are coping with extreme medical conditions, the Academic Services Committee will consider petitions for a reduction in the number of CE credits required for graduation.

Unusual or extraordinary circumstances may sometimes require adjustments to Cultural Enrichment programs, requirements, scheduling, or delivery.