LaGrange College recognizes the importance for an institution of higher learning to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment in which the academic and social pursuits of its members can be fully realized.

The parking and traffic plan and the comprehensive campus safety plan are administered by the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Experience, along with the Director of Security. Parking decals are distributed in the Business office. A set of parking regulations and a decal are issued to each student who has registered their vehicle. The permits are valid for one academic year.

LaGrange College uses zone parking. Every student, resident and commuter will be required to park only in designated lots. Color-coded decals will indicate which lots students and faculty are permitted

to park in. Individuals who park in undesignated lots will be subject to ticketing and fining and will likely be towed.

Register for Parking Permits Here


Only designated vehicles may park in the President’s space, handicap or visitor spaces.

STUDENTS: Students are NOT ALLOWED to park in the President’s space, handicap, visitor spaces or faculty/staff spaces, including all spaces on the Hill and the corner lot at broad Street and Park Avenue. All other legal parking spaces on campus are acceptable.

FACULTY AND STAFF: Any legal parking space, including spaces on and off the Hill EXCEPT for spaces directly behind Pitts Dining Hall.

ARAMARK: Spaces directly behind Pitts Dining Hall and legal parking spaces off the Hill.

Registration of Vehicles

  • All vehicles operated on the campus by administration, faculty, staff, and students (both residential and commuters) must be registered and must bear a clearly visible decal affixed ON THE OUTSIDE of the vehicle’s LOWER LEFT BACK WINDOW. Motorcycles must also be registered.  Boats, trailers, and campers are not allowed on the main campus longer than 24 hours during the regular school year.
  • Persons authorized to have vehicles will be allowed one week from the first day of classes to register them without penalty provided they have been parking in the proper zone.
  • Parking permits are valid for one year beginning in August. 
  • A student will be allowed to register a second personal vehicle for an additional fee.

General Regulations and Restrictions

  • All parking regulations and restrictions are in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • All yellow curbs are considered fire zones and therefore, parking is prohibited.  Vehicles parked on yellow curbs will be towed.
  • No reverse parking.  Vehicles may not be backed into parking spaces.  Decal and Tag should be facing outward, visible to security driving by.
  • The speed limit for motor vehicles is 10 mph except where slower speed is essential for safety.
  • Vehicles must be parked within the lines provided.  Parking on or over the line or curb is a violation.
  • The person in whose name a parking permit is registered will be responsible for any violations.
  • In addition to the above violations, vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed for obstruction or double parking, speeding, parking on landscaped areas, parking in a loading zone, failure to properly display the LC parking permit.
  • Driving or parking on the pea-gravel sidewalk is strictly prohibited and may result in being towed.


  • Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and may be towed from campus.
  • College-issued tickets start at $25; fines will increase with improper parking frequency.  Vehicles may be towed after the 5 violation.
  • Tickets must be paid; unpaid parking fines will prevent a student from registering for classes or graduating.  Fines will be assessed to student accounts.  Payments should be made in the Business Office, Banks Hall.

THE CAMPUS SAFETY OFFICE is located in Smith Hall, Room 119 should you have any questions regarding the campus parking policy.  Tickets may be appealed within one week of issuance using the following link:

THE BUSINESS OFFICE is located in Banks Hall on the 2nd floor. All parking permits may be obtained Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Parking permit registration.

LaGrange College assumes no responsibility for the security of vehicles or their contents while on campus.