Support Services

NHD Georgia has a variety of tools and services designed to support you in your work.  Our goal is to provide support to both teachers and students.  On this page you'll find information about them.

Kick offs!

NHD Kick Offs
Whether virtual or in person, an NHD Georgia team member can visit your classroom/school and not only introduce the program to your students but help them get excited about the possibilities


NHD Georgia mentors can visit your class, either synchronously or in person, and provide direct immediate support to your students.  Teachers can customize the support mentors provide to meet specific needs and goals they have for their students.

Live "Chat"

The NHD Georgia Chat tool resides on the Lewis Library Research Guide.  During school hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday an NHD Georgia mentor will be monitoring the chat!.  When you check in and submit your question, the mentor will be able to provide immediate help/assistance.  Do you have a questions about  research?  Need help getting started?  Need advice on entry development?  Whatever the issue, you can ask a mentor via our chat

Email Query

You can always send your questions to us via email.  Send your questions to  When sending in a question please make sure you include your name, school, grade, teacher and topic.  The question comes to our graduate assistant and director.  We will then assign your question to a mentor who will find the answers.  We will proof their work and then forward it to you.  We'll find the answer and get you the information you need to keep moving forward!

Research Assistance

You can visit LaGrange College and sign in as an NHD student/teacher at the Frank and Laura Lewis Library.  Once registered, you have access to the full resources of the library.  Teachers, you can bring your students to a Research Round Up.  At Lewis, the round up allows students to conduct research using the full array of resources Lewis has to offer.  You can also contact one of our other Round Up partners and explore possibilities close to you.  Visit our Round Up page for more information.

Library Instruction/Access

Our teammates at Lewis Library can help you with both basic instruction and access.  Teachers, reach out to Dr. K at or contact the program directly at to discuss your specific needs.