Class Schedules

The LaGrange College community may use the following information to find information about academic course terms, courses, and even register for classes.


Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Schedule (.pdf, updated 09 August 2019)

*Please note, the most current information can be found on the PDF.

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Schedule (.pdf) - Includes all necessary information to register for courses for the Spring 2019 (201930) term. (Updated 15 November 2018.)

  • Spring 2019 Ethos Courses (.pdf) - A concise listing of all Ethos courses offered in the Spring 2019 semester, listed by category and with required credit hours.  (Updated 5 November 2018.)
  • Ethos Advising Checklist (.pdf) - A guide to be used by students and advisors to ensure that Ethos requirements are satisfied.  (Updated 25 October 2018.)

*Please note, the most current information can be found on the PDF.



    • ACCT  2211  Prin of Financial Accounting  3.00  Bearden, C
    • ACCT  2212  Prin of Managerial Accounting  3.00  McMurray, P
    • ACCT  3301  Interm Financial Acctng I  3.00  Rosencrants, L
    • ACCT  4420  Advanced Federal Taxation  3.00  McMurray, P
    • ACCT  4430  Advanced Accounting  3.00  Rosencrants, L
    • ACCT  4440  Accounting Information Systems  3.00  McMurray, P
    • ACCT  4454  Financial Statement Analysis  3.00  Bearden, C
    • ACCT  4460  Internship in Accountancy  1.00  James, P
    • ECON  2200  Principles of Economics  3.00  Hunter, B
    • ENTR  3000  Entrepreneurship & Innovation  3.00  Hunter, B
    • ENTR  4100  Entrepreneurship Lab  3.00  Hunter, B
    • ENTR  4200  Social Entrepreneurship  3.00  McMullen, L
    • FNCE  3353  Corporate Finance  3.00  McMurray, P
    • MGMT  2200  Foundations in Business  3.00  McMullen, L
    • MGMT  2200  Foundations in Business  3.00  Rosencrants, L
    • MGMT  3312  Business Communication  3.00  Bearden, C
    • MGMT  3370  Management & Org Behavior  3.00  McMullen, L
    • MGMT  3385  Management Information Systems  3.00  Courts, B
    • MGMT  3392  International Business  3.00  Hunter, B
    • MGMT  3393  Cult Aspects of Intrnatnl Bus  3.00  McMullen, L
    • MGMT  4451  Legal & Ethical Envi of Business  3.00  James, P
    • MGMT  4460  Internship in Business  3.00  James, P
    • MRKT  3380  Principles of Marketing  3.00  Childs, L
    • MRKT  4435  Branding and Social Media  3.00  Staff, F
    • NPLD  2500  Intro to Poverty Studies  3.00  Adams, R
    • NPLD  3000  Nonprofit Org/Public Policy  3.00  Angstadt, M
    • NPLD  4460  Internship:Non-Profit Ldrshp  3.00  James, P
    • PRSL  4000  Intro to Professional Selling  3.00  Gannage, G
    • SPMG  3000  Intro to Sports Management  3.00  James, P
    • SPMG  3100  Sports Marketing  3.00  James, P
    • SPMG    4200  Facilities & Event Management  3.00  James, P
    • SPMG  4460  Internship Sports Management  3.00  James, P
  • ARTD  1110  Art History Survey II  3.00  Joiner, D
  • ARTD  1111  Modern and Contemp Art History  3.00  Joiner, D
  • ARTD  1151  Drawing I  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  1152  2-D Design  3.00  Brown, M
  • ARTD  2211  Drawing II:Life Drawing  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  2222  Graph Design Logos & Cncpts  3.00  Brown, M
  • ARTD  2223  Basic Photography  3.00  Lawrence, J
  • ARTD  2224  Documentary Photography  3.00  Lawrence, J
  • ARTD  2229  Ceramics:Wheelthrowing  3.00  Wieland, A
  • ARTD  2271  Painting I  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  2272  Sculpture I  3.00  Wieland, A
  • ARTD  2282  Animation II  3.00  Waller, A
  • ARTD  3102  Museum Studies II  3.00  Joiner, D
  • ARTD  3282  Stop Motion Animation  3.00  Waller, A
  • ARTD  3301  Advanced Graphic Design  3.00  Brown, M
  • ARTD  3311  Drawing III  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  3324  Advanced Photography II  3.00  Lawrence, J
  • ARTD  3329  Ceramic Design  3.00  Wieland, A
  • ARTD  3372  Sculpture Methods II  3.00  102 Wieland, A
  • ARTD  3375  Painting II  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  4282  Animation Project II  3.00  Waller, A
  • ARTD  4352  Studio Concentration  3.00  Brown, M
  • ARTD  4352  Studio Concentration  3.00  Lawrence, J
  • ARTD  4352  Studio Concentration  3.00  Reneke, M
  • ARTD  4352  Studio Concentration  3.00  Wieland, A
  • BIOL  1102  General Biology II  3.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1102  General Biology II  3.00  Pomeroy-Black, M
  • BIOL  1102  General Biology II  3.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1102L  General Biology II LAB  1.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1102L  General Biology II LAB  1.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1102L  General Biology II LAB  1.00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  1102L  General Biology II LAB  1.00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  1108  Principles of Biology II (STEM)  3.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1108L  Prin of Biology II LAB (STEM)  1.00  Yates, M
  • BIOL  1108L  Prin of Biology II LAB (STEM)  1.00  Pomeroy-Black, M
  • BIOL  2149  Human Anatomy & Physiol II (STEM)  4.00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  2149L  Human Anat & Physiol II LAB (STEM)  .00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  2149L  Human Anat & Physiol II LAB (STEM)  .00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  2149L  Human Anat & Physiol II LAB (STEM)  .00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  3320  Medical Microbiology (STEM)  4.00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  3320L  Medical Microbology LAB (STEM)  .00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  3320L  Medical Microbology LAB (STEM)  .00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  3335  General Zoology  4.00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  3335L  General Zoology LAB  .00  Newman, M
  • BIOL  3372  Molecular Biology  4.00  Cauthen, N
  • BIOL  3372L  Molecular Biology LAB  .00  Cauthen, N
  • BIOL  3374  Cell Physiology  4.00  Pomeroy-Black, M
  • BIOL  3374L  Cell Physiology LAB  .00  Pomeroy-Black, M
  • BIOL  3384  Neurobiology  4.00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  3384L  Neurobiology LAB  .00  Paschal, W
  • BIOL  4470  Senior Seminar  1.00  Pomeroy-Black, M
  • CHEM  1102  General Chemistry II (STEM)  4.00  McCoy, W
  • CHEM  1102  General Chemistry II (STEM)  4.00  McCoy, W
  • CHEM  1102L  General Chemistry II LAB (STEM)  .00  Staff, F
  • CHEM  1102L  General Chemistry II LAB (STEM)  .00  Staff, F
  • CHEM  1102L  General Chemistry II LAB (STEM)  .00  Staff, F
  • CHEM  3202  Organic Chemistry II (STEM)  4.00  Hall, M
  • CHEM  3202L  Organic Chemistry II LAB (STEM)  .00  Hall, M
  • CHEM  3202L  Organic Chemistry II LAB (STEM)  .00  Hall, M
  • CHEM  3302  Phys Chem:Chem Dyn/Quant Mech (STEM)  4.00  McCoy, W
  • CHEM  3302L  Phys Che:Che Dyn/Qunt Mech LAB (STEM)  .00  R McCoy, W
  • CHEM  3371  Junior Seminar  1.00  McCoy, W
  • CHEM  4422  Biochemistry II  4.00  Hall, M
  • CHEM  4422L  Biochemistry II LAB  .00  W Hall, M
  • CHEM  4471  Senior Seminar  2.00  McCoy, W
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Riggs, T
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Plumlee, A
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Lingenfelter, A
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Slay, J
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Scott, L
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Crutchfield, L
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Otto, B
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Van Lieu, J
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Lukken, W
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  McMullen, L
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Ralph, R
    • CORE  1102  Cornerstone II  1.00  Hu, C
    • CORE  1120  Problem Solving  3.00  McClanahan, G
    • CORE  1120  Problem Solving  3.00  Yin, K
    • CORE  1120  Problem Solving  3.00  McClanahan, S
    • CORE  1120  Problem Solving  3.00  Hwang, S
    • CORE  1120  Problem Solving  3.00  Ernstberger, S
  • COMPUTER APPLICATIONS ( meets 2/1/19 - 3/17/19)
    • CORE  1140  Computer Applications  1.00  Staff, F
    • CORE  2001  Humanities:Ancient-Middle Age  3.00  Shirley, K
    • CORE  2001  Humanities:Ancient-Middle Age  3.00  Dulin-Mallory, N
    • CORE  2002  Humanities:Renaissance to Pres  3.00  Appleby, E
    • CORE  3001  The American Experience  3.00  Lawrence, J
    • CORE  3001  The American Experience  3.00  Van Lieu, J
    • CORE  3001  The American Experience  3.00  Adams, R
  • COUN  5002  Strategs/Technique Counseling  3.00  Callahan, B
  • COUN  5003  Group Dynamics  3.00  Veal, K
  • COUN  5003  Group Dynamics  3.00  Callahan, B
  • COUN  5010  Multicultural Counseling  3.00  Muller, J
  • COUN  5013  Individual Analysis  3.00  Muller, J
  • COUN  6002  Addictions Counseling  3.00  Callahan, B
  • COUN  6005  Research & Program Evaluation  3.00  Muller, J
  • COUN  6998  Internship I  3.00  Veal, K
  • COUN  6999  Internship II  3.00  Veal, K
    • TESL  1102  Test & Assment Engl Lang Lrnrs  3.00  Jones, R
    • EDUC  1199  Foundation in Education  3.00  Ralph, R
    • EDUC  3319  Math Methods  3.00  Austin, J
    • EDUC  3342  Child Development Practicum  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  3355  Fund of Reading Instructn II  3.00  Milam, M
    • EDUC  4410  Apprchs & Issues Edu Assmnt  3.00  Livingston, S
    • EDUC  4449  Classroom Technology  3.00  Ralph, R
    • EDUC  4457  Social Studies Methods  3.00  Tures, J
    • EDUC  4459  Spec Needs and Exceptnl Chld    3.00  Staff, F
    • EDUC  4462  Diversity in Elem Classroom II 1.00  Jones, R
    • EDUC  4480  Senior Seminar  3.00  Jones, R
    • EDUC  4490B  Early Childhood Clinical Pract  6.00  Ralph, R
    • EDUC  5060  Students with Special Needs  3.00  Staff, F
    • EDUC  5090  Foundatns of Reading Theories  3.00  Pheil, V
    • EDUC  5700A  Internship I  4.00  Austin, J
    • EDUC  5700B  Internship II  8.00  Austin, J
    • EDUC  6200  Internship in the Content Area  3.00  Jones, R
    • EDUC  6200  Internship in the Content Area  3.00  Jones, R
    • EDUC  6300  Graduate Seminar  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  6300  Graduate Seminar  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  7075  Collaborat/Commun Schl Environ  3.00  Milam, M
    • EDUC  7075  Collaborat/Commun Schl Environ  3.00  Milam, M
    • EDUC  7200  Directed Research Seminar  3.00  Livingston, S
    • EDUC  7200  Directed Research Seminar  3.00  Livingston, S
    • EDUC  7300  Specialist Seminar  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  7300  Specialist Seminar  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  7380  Improving Professional Skills  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  7380  Improving Professional Skills  3.00  Livingston, D
    • EDUC  7410  Internship Educ'l Leadershp II  3.00  Milam, M
    • EDUC  7420  Internship Educ'l Leadrshp III  1.00  Milam, M
  • ENGL  1101  Rhetoric & Comp I  3.00  Scott, L
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetoric/Comp II: You Animals!  3.00  Thurman, J
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetoric/Comp II: Fairy Tales  3.00  Marchesi, P
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetric/Comp II: Horror Stories  3.00  Wilson, A
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetric/Comp II: Horror Stories  3.00  Wilson, A
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetoric/Comp II: The Dark Side  3.00  Slay, J
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetoric/Comp II: Fairy Tales  3.00  Marchesi, P
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetric/Comp II: Horror Stories  3.00  Wilson, A
  • ENGL  1102  Rhet/Comp II: Global Short Fiction  3.00  Dulin-Mallory, N
  • ENGL  1102  Rhetoric/Comp II: You Animals!  3.00  Thurman, J
  • ENGL  1102S  Rhetoric/Comp II (Sustainablty)  3.00  Marchesi, P
  • ENGL  2205  British Literature II  3.00  Dulin-Mallory, N
  • ENGL  3310  Art of Argumentation  3.00  Thurman, J
  • ENGL  3400  Writing About Film  3.00  Wilson, A
  • ENGL  4450  Modern/Contemporary Poetry  3.00  Slay, J
  • ENGL  4495  Senior Thesis and Presentation  3.00  Marchesi, P
    • EXCS  1154  First Aid:Rspndng to Emergncs  3.00  Dicks, R
    • EXCS  2000  Intro to Exercise Science  3.00  Leiker, A
    • EXCS  2200  Medical Terminology  2.00  Leiker, A
    • EXCS  2311  Survey Strength & Conditioning  3.00  Geeter, G
    • EXCS  2331  Personal Health Issues  3.00  Leiker, A
    • EXCS  3305  Sports Psychology  3.00  Leiker, A
    • EXCS  3332  Prev & Care Ath Injur/Illness  3.00  Peterson, M
    • EXCS  3334  Advanced Yoga  2.00  Tremblay, P
    • EXCS  4310  Biomechanics  3.00  Williams, C
    • EXCS  4312  Theories/Prin Athletic Conditi  3.00  Williams, C
    • EXCS  4320  Exercise Testing & Prescription  3.00  Haun, C
    • EXCS  4320L  Exercise Tstng & Presc LAB  1.00  Haun, C
    • EXCS  4320L  Exercise Tstng & Presc LAB  1.00  Haun, C
    • EXCS  4325  Exercise & Sports Nutrition  3.00  Haun, C
    • EXCS  4380  Seminar and Certification  2.00  Leiker, A
    • EXCS  5325  Applied Sports Nutrition  3.00  Haun, C
    • EXCS  5360  Research Design  3.00  Williams, C
    • EXCS  5611  S&C Pract: TBD  1.00  Williams, C
    • EXCS  5611  S&C Pract: TBD  1.00  Williams, C
    • EXCS  6312  S&C Program Design  3.00  Bellon, C
    • EXCS  6400  Internship  6.00  Staff, F
    • EXCS  6900  Thesis  6.00  Staff, F
    • EXCS  6900  Thesis  6.00  Staff, F
    • EXCS  6900  Thesis  6.00  Staff, F
  • HIST  1102  World Civilization II  3.00  Van Lieu, J
  • HIST  1112  History of the US: 1865 - Pres  3.00  Crutchfield, L
  • HIST  2000  Research Methods in History  3.00  Shirley, K
  • HIST  2200  Masters of War 3.00 Shirley, K (pending approval
  • HIST  2499  Sp Top:  Piracy/Atlantic  3.00  Crutchfield, L 
  • HIST  3200  Masters of War  3.00 Shirley, K (pending approval
  • HIST  4490  Senior History Seminar  3.00  Van Lieu, J
  • HIST  4499  Sp Top: Piracy/Atlantic  3.00  Crutchfield, L
  • LAST  1106  Introduction to Linguistics  3.00  Campbell, A
  • MATH  0100  Basic Mathematics  3.00  McClanahan, S
  • MATH  1101  College Algebra  3.00  McClanahan, G
  • MATH  1101  College Algebra  3.00  Ward, J
  • MATH  1101  College Algebra  3.00  McClanahan, S
  • MATH  1101  College Algebra  3.00  McClanahan, S
  • MATH  1114  Introduction to Statistics (STEM)  3.00  Ernstberger, S
  • MATH  1114  Introduction to Statistics (STEM)  3.00  Ernstberger, S
  • MATH  2105  Precalculus (STEM)  4.00  Hwang, S
  • MATH  2221  Analytic Geom & Calculus I (STEM)  4.00  Ernstberger, S
  • MATH  2222  Analytic Geom & Calculus II (STEM)  4.00  Yin, K
  • MATH  2223  Analytic Geom & Calculus III (STEM)  4.00  Hwang, S
  • MATH  3092  Informatics/Data Mining  3.00  Ernstberger, J
  • MATH  3316  Probability Theory  3.00  Yin, K
  • MATH  3382  Combinatorial Design Theory  3.00  Yin, C
    • FREN  1102  Beginning French II  3.00  Appleby, E
    • FREN  1102  Beginning French II  3.00  Appleby, E
    • FREN  2105  Intermediate French II  3.00  Appleby, E
    • FREN  3003  Intro to French Literature  3.00  Appleby, E
    • GERM  1102  Beginning German II  3.00  Marchesi, P
    • KORN  1102  Beginning Korean II  3.00  Van Lieu, K
    • SPAN  1101  Elementary Spanish I  3.00  Appleby, E
    • SPAN  1102  Elementary Spanish II  3.00  Hernandez Perez, E
    • SPAN  1102  Elementary Spanish II  3.00  Hernandez Perez, E
    • SPAN  1102  Elementary Spanish II  3.00  Campbell, A
    • SPAN  1102M  Elem Spanish Hlthcare Prof  3.00  Campbell, A
    • SPAN  2103  Intermediate Spanish I  3.00  Plumlee, A
    • SPAN  2105  Intermediate Spanish II  3.00  Plumlee, A
    • SPAN  2105  CANCELLED  3.00  
    • SPAN  3001  Spanish Conversation & Comp II  3.00  Campbell, A
    • SPAN  3002  Hispanic Culture & Civilztn  3.00  Plumlee, A
    • MUED  2000  Brass Methods  1.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUED  2030  Percussion Methods  1.00  Passmore, K
    • MUSI  0999  Music Seminar  .00  Anderson, T
    • MUSI  1100  Music Fndmntls: Musical Theatr  3.00  Passmore, K
    • MUSI  1102  Theory II  3.00  Turner, M
    • MUSI  1104  Piano II  1.00  Xian, Q
    • MUSI  1106A  Applied Voice  1.00  Anderson, T
    • MUSI  1106A  Applied Voice  1.00  Mueller, A
    • MUSI  1106A  Applied Voice  1.00  Frank, N
    • MUSI  1106A  Applied Voice  1.00  Wilkerson, E
    • MUSI  1106B  Applied Piano  1.00  Xian, Q
    • MUSI  1106B  Applied Piano  1.00  Hoexter, R
    • MUSI  1106C  Applied Organ  1.00  Criswell, J
    • MUSI  1106D  Applied Guitar  1.00  Smith, B
    • MUSI  1106E  Applied Percussion  1.00  Passmore, K
    • MUSI  1106F  Applied Composition  1.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  1106F  Applied Composition  1.00  Hoexter, R
    • MUSI  1106G  Applied Strings  1.00  Tokarska, E
    • MUSI  1106H  Applied Flute  1.00  Windell, A
    • MUSI  1106L  Applied Trumpet  1.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  1106M  Applied Trombone  1.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  1108A  LC Singers  .00-1.00  Ogle, D
    • MUSI  1108C  LC Concert Band  .00-1.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  1108E  LC Percussion Ensemble  .00-1.00  Passmore, K
    • MUSI  1109D  Beg Instruction-Composition  1.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  1110  Lit and Lang of Music  3.00  Ogle, D
    • MUSI  1112  Music Survey  3.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  1114  Ear Training II  1.00  Turner, M
    • MUSI  2202  Theory IV  3.00  Turner, M
    • MUSI  2204  Piano IV  1.00  Xian, Q
    • MUSI  2214  Ear Training IV  1.00  Harry, A
    • MUSI  2240  Diction for Singers  3.00  Mueller, A
    • MUSI  3106A  Applied Voice  2.00  Anderson, T
    • MUSI  3106A  Applied Voice  2.00  Mueller, A
    • MUSI  3106A  Applied Voice  2.00  Frank, N
    • MUSI  3106A  Applied Voice  2.00  Wilkerson, E
    • MUSI  3106B  Applied Piano  2.00  Xian, Q
    • MUSI  3106B  Applied Piano  2.00  Hoexter, R
    • MUSI  3106C  Applied Organ  2.00  Criswell, J
    • MUSI  3106D  Applied Guitar  2.00  Smith, B
    • MUSI  3106E  Applied Percussion  2.00  Passmore, K
    • MUSI  3106F  Applied Composition  2.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  3106F  Applied Composition  2.00  Hoexter, R
    • MUSI  3106G  Applied Strings  2.00  Myall, C
    • MUSI  3106H  Applied Flute  2.00  Windell, A
    • MUSI  3106L  Applied Trumpet  2.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  3106M  Applied Trombone  2.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  3302  Music History II  3.00  Slocumb, B
    • MUSI  3369  New Media  3.00  Turner, M
    • MUSI  3384  Junior Recital  1.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  4470  Music Internship  1.00  Anderson, T
    • MUSI  4484  Senior Recital  1.00  Mueller, A
    • MUSI  4484  Senior Recital  1.00  Johnson, L
    • MUSI  4484  Senior Recital  1.00  Anderson, T
    • MUSI  4488  Capstone Presentation  1.00  Johnson, L
    • MUTH  2101  Broadway Dance  .00-1.00    Fitz-Gerald, T
    • MUTH  2101  Ballet  .00-1.00  Gell, N
    • MUTH  3201  Musical Theatre Performance II  3.00  Fitz-Gerald, T
  • 30242  NURS  3305  Nutrition and Health  2.00  Blair, S
  • 30243  NURS  3330  Nurs Care/Chldbearing/Families  7.00  Holden, S
  • 30243  NURS  3330  Nurs Care/Chldbearing/Families  7.00  McSpadden, A
  • 30244  NURS  3330L  Nurs Care/Chldbearing/Fami/LAB  .00   McSpadden/Holden
  • 30245  NURS  3331  Pharmacology in Nursing  4.00  Odom, A
  • 30246  NURS  3350  Medical Surgical Nursing I  5.00  Truitt, G
  • 30247  NURS  3350L  Medical Surgical Nursing I LAB  .00   Truitt, G
  • 30248  NURS  3411  Health Assessment for RN's  4.00  Holden/McSpadden
  • 30249  NURS  3431  Pharmacology for RN's  4.00  Odom, A
  • 30250  NURS  4432  Senior Capstone/NCLEX Synthesi  4.00  Sauter, M
  • 30251  NURS  4433  Medical Surgical Nursing III  4.00  Blair, S
  • 30252  NURS  4450  Leadership 6.00  Hay, C
  • 30253  NURS  4450L  Leadership LAB .00   Hay, C
  • 30254  NURS  4460  Leadership - RN's 5.00  Hay, C
  • 30255  NURS  4461  Capstone - RN's 4.00  Blair, S
  • PHDE  5106  Legal Issues in Phil & Dev (meets 3/10/19 - 5/11/19)  2.00  Clark, W
  • PHDE  5107  Focused Research II (meets 2/3/19 - 3/319)  1.00  Livingston, S
  • PHDE  6103  Res Mgmt: Vol, Rel, & Budgets (meets 2/3/19-3/30/19)  2.00  Nicks, R
  • PHDE  6104  Focused Research IV (meets 4/7/19 - 5/5/19)  1.00  Livingston, S
  • PEDU  1102  Beginning Archery  1.00  Jonus, J
  • PEDU  1103  Badminton  1.00  Dicks, R
  • PEDU  1104  Basketball  1.00  Jonus, J
  • PEDU  1108  Physical Conditioning  1.00  Geeter, G
  • PEDU  1112  Beginning Tennis    1.00  Donnett, M
  • PEDU  1122  Weight Training/Plyometrics 1.00  Geeter, G
  • PEDU  1167  Boxing Conditioning  1.00  Geeter, G
  • PHYS  1102  Introductory Physics II LAB (STEM)  4.00  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  1102L  Introductory Physics II LAB (STEM)  .00 R  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  1102L  Introductory Physics II LAB (STEM)  .00 R  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  2122  General Physics II (STEM)  4.00  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  2122L  General Physics II LAB ( STEM)  .00 R  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  2122L  General Physics II LAB (STEM)  .00 R  Ludwick, K
  • PHYS  3302  Intro to Quantum Mechanics  3.00  Ludwick, K
  • POLS  2210  Comparative Politics  3.00  Tures, J
  • POLS  2220  International Politics  3.00  Tures, J
  • POLS  3311  Congress & The Presidency  3.00  Lukken, W
  • POLS  3313  American Judicial Institutions  3.00  Staff, F
  • POLS  4430  Senior Seminar in Pol Sci  3.00  Tures, J
  • PSYC 1005   Writing in APA Style  1.00  (meets 2/4/19 - 3/1/19) Thomas, S  (pending approval
  • PSYC 1006   Writing in the Sciences  1.00  (meets 3/4/19 - 3/29/19) Thomas, S (pending approval
  • PSYC  1101  Introduction to Psychology  3.00  Kraemer, C
  • PSYC  1101  Introduction to Psychology  3.00  Thomas, S
  • PSYC  1101  Introduction to Psychology  3.00  Hu, C
  • PSYC  2298  Behavioral Statistics  3.00  Thomas, S
  • PSYC  2299  Research Methods  4.00  Kraemer, C
  • PSYC  2299L  Research Methods Lab  .00  Kraemer, C
  • PSYC  3302  Human Growth and Development  3.00  Prater, T
  • PSYC  3302  Human Growth and Development  3.00  Kraemer, C
  • PSYC  3304  Educational Psychology  3.00  Hu, C
  • PSYC  3350  Abnormal Psychology  3.00  Muller, J
  • PSYC  4000  Internship in Psychology  1.00  Thomas, S
  • PSYC  4400  Guided Research  3.00  Hu, C
  • PSYC  4405  Sensation and Perception  3.00  Hu, C
  • PSYC  4455  Cognitive Psychology  3.00  Kraemer, C
  • PSYC  4460  Psychology of Personality  3.00  Thomas, S
  • PSYC  4470  Behavior Analysis & Applicatns  3.00  Hu, C
  • PSYC  4902  Psychl Science Capstone II  1.00  Thomas, S
  • RLGN  1xxx  Vocation and Happiness  3.00  Roberts, A  (pending approval
  • RLGN  1103  New Test Writings in Context  3.00  Cook, J
  • RLGN  1103  New Test Writings in Context  3.00  Cook, J
  • RLGN  1107  Rel Faith in a Scientific Age  3.00  Ahearn, D
  • RLGN  1107  Rel Faith in a Scientific Age  3.00  Ahearn, D
  • RLGN  1108  Earth Theology  3.00  Lingenfelter, A
  • RLGN  1108  Earth Theology  3.00  Lingenfelter, A
  • RLGN  2320  Conflict and Peacemaking  3.00  Ahearn, D
  • RLGN  3360  Missions: Theology & Practice  3.00  Lingenfelter, A
  • RLGN  4610  Sel Top: NT Sexual Ethics  3.00  Cook, J
  • SERV  3200  Scholars Forum II  1.00  Lukken, W
  • SERV  3400  Serv Schol Volunteer Exp II  2.00  Lukken, W
  • SERV  4200  Scholars Forum IV  1.00  Slay, J
  • SERV  4400  Volunteer Experience IV  2.00  Slay, J
  • SOCI  1000  Introduction to Sociology  3.00  Otto, B
  • SOCI  2350  Death and Dying  3.00  Adams, R
  • SOCI  2700  Intro to Poverty Studies  3.00  Adams, R
  • SOCI  3400  Deviance & Criminology  3.00  Otto, B
  • SOCI  3950  Method II:Understnd Data Anyls  3.00  Otto, B
  • SOCI  4000  Social Theory I  3.00  Adams, R
  • SOCI  4950  Senior Seminar  3.00  Otto, B
TESL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages)
  • TESL  1102  Test & Assment Engl Lang Lrnrs  3.00  Jones, R
    • MUTH  2101  Broadway Dance  .00-1.00  Fitz-Gerald, T
    • MUTH  2101  Ballet  .00-1.00  Gell, N
    • MUTH  3201  Musical Theatre Performance II  3.00  Fitz-Gerald, T
    • THEA  1102  Drama Survey II  3.00  Riggs, T
    • THEA  1180  Stagecraft  3.00  Hopper, L
    • THEA  1180  Stagecraft  3.00  Hopper, L
    • THEA  1184  Acting I  3.00  Fitz-Gerald, T
    • THEA  1205  Movement for the Actor  3.00  Barber-Knoll, K
    • THEA  2285  Practicum  0.00-2.00  Barber-Knoll, K
    • THEA  2285  Practicum  0.00-2.00  Hopper, L
    • THEA  3351  Theatre History II  3.00  Riggs, T
    • THEA  3360  Scenic Design  3.00  Hopper, L
    • THEA  3370  Directing  3.00  Barber-Knoll, K
    • THEA  4470  Sp Top: Musical Thea Performan  3.00  Fitz-Gerald, T
    • THEA  4472  Sp Top: Advanced Movement  .00  Barber-Knoll, K
    • THEA  4484  Senior Thesis  3.00  Barber-Knoll, K

Interim 2019

Interim 2019 Schedule (.pdf) - Includes course descriptions, meeting times, prerequisites, and anticipated costs. (Updated 21 December 2018.)

*Please note, the most current information can be found on the PDF.



Internship in Accountancy

This course represents a unique opportunity for a qualified student to expand his or her understanding of the practical applications of accounting concepts by entering into a specific “help-rendered learning accomplishment” contract with a cooperating area enterprise. The contract will specifically identify the student’s obligations and duties, the nature and extent of the host enterprise’s commitment to assist the student in further extending his or her knowledge of enterprise operations, and the basis on which the student’s learning accomplishments will be measured. No more than 12 credit hours may be applied toward the student’s graduation requirements. Prerequisites: Accountancy major with demonstrated superior capabilities and prior approval of the contract by the department faculty.

Internship in Business

This course represents a unique opportunity for a qualified student to expand his or her understanding of the practical applications of enterprise operations by entering into a specific “help-rendered learning accomplishment” contract with a cooperating area enterprise. The contract will specifically identify the student’s obligations and duties, the nature and extent of the host enterprise’s commitment to assist the student in further extending his or her knowledge of enterprise operations, and the basis on which the student’s learning accomplishments will be measured. No more than 6 credit hours may be applied toward the student’s graduation requirements. Prerequisites: Business major with demonstrated superior capabilities and prior approval of the internship contract by department faculty.

Internship:Non-Profit Ldrshp

This course represents a unique opportunity for a qualified student to expand his or her understanding of the practical applications of nonprofit operations by entering into a specific “help-rendered learning accomplishment” contract with a cooperating area enterprise. The contract will specifically identify the student’s obligations and duties, the nature and extent of the host enterprise’s commitment to assist the student in further extending his or her knowledge of enterprise operations, and the basis on which the student’s learning accomplishments will be measured. No more than 6 credit hours may be applied toward the student’s graduation requirements. Prerequisites: Nonprofit Leadership major with demonstrated superior capabilities and prior approval of the internship contract by department faculty.

Internship Sports Management

This course represents a unique opportunity for a qualified student to expand his or her understanding of the practical applications of the business of sports teams. The internship contract will specifically identify the student’s obligations and duties, the nature and extent of the host enterprise’s commitment to assist the student in further extending his or her knowledge of enterprise operations, and the basis on which the student’s learning accomplishments will be measured. No more than 6 credit hours may be applied toward the student’s graduation requirements. Prerequisites: Sports management major with demonstrated superior capabilities and prior approval of the internship contract by the sports management coordinator.



The Play's the Thing
INSTRUCTOR Fitz-Gerald, T.

Students analyze, study, and interpret three to five scripts of varying genres that may include but are not limited to a Broadway musical, modern drama, classical drama, a period piece, modern comedy, comedy of style, or an experimental modern play. Students travel to professional theaters to see live productions of each play and submit written papers evaluating the performances. Some in-class projects also included. Evaluation will be based on attending shows, individual and group research projects, presentations, critiques, classroom exercises and activities. Note: (travel time to and from shows is included).

Korean Culture

This course is designed to introduce Korean culture. Korean culture will include history, language, religion, politics, education, art, music, architecture, etc. We will explore and discuss these topics by reading related books and articles, watching movies and documentaries, and listening to some guest speakers.

Spiritual NUMB3RS

In this course, students will focus on Jesus Christ, the Holy One of God, and how some of His followers are living out the callings. Through texts whose titles contain numbers (or some other mathematical reference), participants will examine the concept of radical faith, discussing how ordinary people have put that faith into action in addressing issues such as human trafficking, the plight of orphans, and some of the excesses that we've come to expect as Americans.

In addition, the class will participate in a couple of service projects in the LaGrange community and will conclude with a field trip to the Biblical History Center, where students will experience a taste of life in biblical times and share a meal together.

Water Wars: Use and Misuse of Our Water Resources

Where does our drinking water come from? Is it managed sustainably? What vital roles does water play both for humans as well as for our ecosystem? How are human water needs fulfilled daily and what is done to protect and clean this water so it is available for re-use? This course will take a behind-the-scenes look at answering these questions and more, particularly as it pertains to water use in the Southeastern United Sates (focusing on Alabama and Georgia). We will learn together about how often the public is unaware of what goes into water treatment and how wasteful certain activities can be. We will engage with representatives from state, city, and county agencies actively involved in providing and improving our water resource. Several regional excursions will facilitate our understanding of water’s vital roles and what tools are often used to monitor waterways, as well as exactly what it takes to have clean water. Students will be evaluated based on local and regional on-site work, engagement in discussions, journal entries, reflection papers, and presentations.

Mammals of Georgia

Wcommon to all mammals and their adaptations to the environment. Students will conduct research involving live trapping of small mammals in a field setting for a capture/ recapture study. Data collected will be used by the class to estimate population size and home range sizes. Students will conduct out-of-class research on a mammal of their choice for class presentation.

Civil War: Cause, Conflct, Legacy

The purpose of this class is to learn more about the Civil War. Such a subject is well covered in history classes in Georgia and throughout the Southeast, so we will not rehash what is well known from these courses. But throughout these classes, a series of myths are introduced, and even perpetuated. Why was the conflict fought? What made the battles so bloody, compared to other conflicts of its time? So many legends of events during that conflict have been told…are they real? Why did one side prevail? And why does such regional resentment persist?

Cult & Hist Geog of LaGrange

Space is a text written and rewritten at the confluence of the natural environment and human activity. Environments influence people and people reshape environments such that the natural and built landscapes in which we live express our cultural, political, and socio-economic histories. In this course we will have the opportunity to explore the historical, cultural, and social geographies of the city of LaGrange through readings in geography and history and by way of frequent field trips on foot through LaGrange to experience the spaces and places of the city firsthand.

More Than Just Pets

This course will explore the relationship between people and their beloved animal companions. We will look at the evolution of this relationship throughout US history. In addition, we will study the depiction of this bond in popular literary works and film. In doing so, we will consider animal rights from a global perspective and what role the church can play in regard to these issues. Moreover, we will consider the challenges faced by animal rescue organizations and volunteers. Finally, we will look at what current medical and scientific research is saying about this bond.


In this course the students will learn how to design an original, contemporary style hand puppet. They will then be taught various accessible construction methods they will use to build their puppet. Finally, they will be given instruction on effective performance methods which they will use to write and perform a short “puppet-slam” in conjunction with other students in the class.

Zen & Art/Auto Maintenance

Automobile maintenance, home repair, first aid, basic survival/cooking skills and how to make do when you don’t have. We will also explore how to unplug, relax, and find focus when bombarded with technology and information and analyze how and why we depend on them.

This material will be presented in lectures, and opportunities will be provided for application of concepts and expansion of skills and knowledge.

3D Print/Model/Scanning

This course will focus on an introduction to a variety of contemporary sculpture processes utilizing 3D printers. Students will explore different techniques such as, 3D modeling, 3D scanning, and 3D printing. In this course students, will complete projects that test the both the potential and limitations of the 3D printing process.

American Art Lap Quilting

This class will teach students the fundamentals of creating a patchwork quilt by hand, as well as the history behind this American handicraft. Students will design and assemble a small project such as a crib-sized quilt, which will consist of selecting a pattern and color scheme, cutting out the pieces, piecing (assembling) the top part, and then quilting and finishing the entire blanket.

15 Days of Discovery

This Interim course for first-year students focuses on exploration and discovery. What do I bring to this college experience that is uniquely “me”? What are my strengths and my preferred style of working? How can I translate those strengths and that style into strategies that work for me in the classroom? How do I connect with the resources and the networks that I will need to be successful? You’ll discover answers to these and other questions in the course featuring in-class activities, discussions, written reflections, conversations with both campus and local speakers, and a final video project and presentation.

Fmly Life Depicted/TV Sitcoms

This course is designed to provide an overview of family life as depicted on television sitcoms. This course will explore how family life has changed on television from the period of 1950 to present day. Students will explores a variety of television households including sitcoms depicting: two parent families, blended families, interracial families, and single parent families. Also, students will explore the similarities and differences on television sitcoms of families based on: race, socio-economic status, political view, and geography.

Surv Med & Allied Hlth Careers

This course examines assorted medical and allied health professions. Areas to be emphasized include admission requirements, courses of study, preparation for entry into the field, and fields of study. A major component of the course requires students shadow professionals in the field. Students must undergo an application process prior to registration for the course and must be placed in the course by the instructor. The first step of the process ensures there are adequate field experiences for student interests and that students are academically and socially prepared to represent the College. The second step of the process includes a criminal background check, a negative drug screen, and medical information from the student as required by the field sites. An up to date vaccination record is required, and the student must have his/her own mode of transportation. Field site and/or college orientation prior to shadowing may also be required. Contact the course instructor to initiate the application process and pick up the application materials. Since there are multiple steps in this process, your application must be received by October 15.


This course will introduce students to the materials and techniques of watercolor painting. The basic concepts of watercolor, including mixing color, layering and glazing, composition, and depicting space and form will be explored. This class will be geared towards beginners and non-art majors, but students should have at least some experience in drawing (from high school or college drawing classes, etc.)

Philosophy of Physics

Objectives: To gain a global view of the philosophical theories that have been present in the development of physics over the centuries. Along the way the student will be challenged with some of the best in physical thought.

Eye Deep Hell: Wst Front 1914-18

Through lectures, guest speakers, film, music art, and individual study, this class will explore the technical, tactical, and strategic problems and developments that shaped the struggle on the Western Front in France and Belgium, the decisive theater of World War One. Included will be a trip to that Infantry Museum at Fort Benning and laser-tag reenactments of First World War infantry tactics done by the students. Social and political thinking in the trenches and on the home fronts will be examined as well.

Creative Writing Flash Workshop

This course will be a fun and thorough introduction to the world of the creative writing workshop. Students will be encouraged to be positive, experimental, and imaginative. Any and all forms will be welcomed, with a particular emphasis on short essays and stories, preferably those shorter than 1,000 words.

Students wishing to merely pass need to submit two (2) pieces for critique, write brief responses to every other student’s piece, and participate in a live reading. Students who wish to earn A’s or B’s must submit two (2)pieces for critique, write in-depth responses to every other student’s piece, revise at least one piece for publication and participate in a live reading. Students will be evaluated based on regular journal entries and a final paper/project. Every student will be expected to participate in workshop discussion, regardless of which grade option they choose.

Noah and the Zombies
INSTRUCTOR Dulin-Mallory, N

This course is designed to present various apocalyptic themes and encourage serious consideration of the growing interest in these themes in literature, film, television, comics, and games in contemporary art and culture. Further, this study affords an opportunity to examine depictions of the hero, as well as the themes of journey, sacrifice, and redemption.

We will see six films, all in different genres; and we will read Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road, the story of Noah in Genesis, and several other short works.

Escape Room Adventure

Are you ready to uncover the clues, unlock the mystery and escape the room? Get ready to star in your own adrenaline pumping adventure, combining problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, team building, mystery, and fun. Can you escape the room before time runs out?

During this course, students will learn how to think critically to solve problems in class, participate in escape room challenges within driving distance, and create an on-campus escape room adventure for classmates.

Throwing Shade: Surv Film Noir

“Film noir” refers to that body of cinema that focuses on guns and dames, crime and corruption, violence and violations, all shot with an emphasis on what lurks in the shadows. This course will trace the origins, development, and most recent interpretations of the idea of film noir. We’ll start with classics like The Big Sleep (1946) and Out of the Past (1947), explore genre mainstays like Chinatown (1974) and Angel Heart (1987), and end with contemporary twists like The Big Lebowski (1998), The Departed (2006), and Blue Ruin (2013). Along the way we’ll read related essays and stories, looking at how cinema influences fiction and vice versa. Students will take daily quizzes, take turns introducing films, and participate in a substantial solo project.

Finding Roots: Intro Genealogy

Understand who you are by finding where you came from. This course will teach you the basics of genealogy searches and help you develop your family tree back to the 1700's. You'll gain a broad sense of family history, plus focus on one specific ancestor. The course will culminate with a display summarizing your findings and an event for the public to view your work.

Google With a Face: So You Want To Be a Librarian

“I’d love to read books all day!” “It takes a Master’s degree to be a librarian?!” These are statements librarians hear frequently. Do you wonder what it takes to be a librarian? Or what it is that librarians do, and why they go to graduate school? Did you know that not all librarians work in libraries? This course is designed to provide the student with a broad background in library and information studies, librarianship careers, issues of intellectual freedom and access to information, and the impact of technology on society and the profession. In addition, this course will enhance students’ research skills, information literacy, and give them skills that would be useful in any major or career field.



Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to take online courses in the interim term.


Analysis of Stereotypes in Media

This course examines class, gender, sexuality, religious, and racial stereotypes embedded in different forms of media. Using different theories to critique images depicted in television, movies, commercials, ads, magazines, and music, students will gain a better sense of how their realities are often constructed by popular culture.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: Navigating Across Cultures

More and more, our business practices and lifestyles lead us to interact with people from other cultural backgrounds. Unfortunately, many of us are unprepared to cope with the different web of patterns and meanings associated with every new culture. What is perceived as common sense or polite in one community may be perceived by another as rude or arrogant. An unintentional misstep could destroy costly marketing efforts or ruin a friendship. In this course, we will explore the data you need to avoid many common errors. Each student will do a final research project focusing on a country or region of his or her own choosing.

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

This course explores complementary and alternative therapies that are a group of health care systems, practices, and products that are not commonly considered part of conventional medicine. These may be used in conjunction with or in place of conventional medicine practices. Some therapies that will be examined are: aromatherapy, herbs, massage, joint manipulation, Reiki, reflexology, Rolfing, special diets, meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback, and bioelectromagnetics.

Philosophy of Westworld

What does it mean to be human? What constitutes reality? Does consciousness create humanity or humanity consciousness? Are our choices truly our own? These are some of the questions that have plagued philosophers and thinkers for centuries but now in the 21st century, new questions have arisen. What are the consequences of creating intelligent technology that mimics humanity? Can machines be moral? Can man-made creations evolve? Can humans and artificial beings live together or are they destined for conflict.

Crime, sex, family, gender roles, as well as race/ethnicity are all subjects of Westworld. One can assume a new persona that is separated from the real world. However, can hedonism be experienced without consequences? We explore some of the philosophical approaches to understanding this new world where man and machine become indistinguishable.

The Business of Movies

This course offers a critical view of the portrayals of “business” in movies. Many famous films have had their focus on perceptions: good, bad, or indifferent, of the business community. Particular attention will be paid to those films that shed light on the darker sides of Wall Street, financial fraud, the collapse of the housing market, etc. Central to the “business” side of movies, the theatre industry will be analyzed via a visit to the local cinema for a tour of the operations and other class activities.

This course will be primarily online but will have one weekly meeting.

Serious Games: The Neurobiology of Play

This course is an introduction to psychological and neuroscientific research on play and games. We will focus on play behavior in human beings but will incorporate comparative evidence from play in other animals. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we will draw on research from neuroscience, psychology, education, and game design to better understand what play is and why we want to do it.



Edu of Cult Diverse Students

By increasing an understanding of the students they teach, teachers will enhance their skills in developing engaging and culturally sensitive curriculum for diverse students through the use of a repertoire of instructional strategies that are appropriate for diverse learners to become contributing members of learning communities.

Internship in Teacher Leadership

This course focuses on the development of applicable knowledge, skills and dispositions that teacher leaders must possess for successful school improvement. Candidates will work under the supervision of a field mentor within the local school or system that agrees to assist the student with conceptualizing and completing their field experience. The basis for this course is performance based assignments which integrate candidate knowledge, skills and dispositions with applicable issues and problems in their school or system. Assignments will demonstrate that candidates show proficiency in Georgia’s standards for teacher leaders and best practices.

Research Design

Students in this course will experience an in-depth view of instrumentation, procedures and protocols for testing of athletic performance both in laboratory and field-based settings. Students will participate in data collection through assessments of muscular strength, power, agility, change of direction ability, speed, anaerobic capacity, etc. Emphasis will be placed on the practical application of topics and procedures introduced in this course. After the completion of this course, students should have a thorough understanding of athlete monitoring techniques as well as experience in data collection and evaluation.

Dev Speed/Agility in Sport

Sprinting speed is perhaps the most coveted skill in the sporting world. While many sport coaches utilize an array of training methods to develop this ability, few understand how to integrate these tactics into a comprehensive training methodology. In addition to learning a variety of methods to develop this skill, students will learn to integrate these tactics into a comprehensive, evidence-based annual training plan for athletes.