Honor Code

“As a member of the student body of LaGrange College, I confirm my commitment to the ideals of civility, diversity, service, and excellence. Recognizing the significance of personal integrity in establishing these ideals within our community, I pledge that I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate these unethical behaviors in others.”

Honor Council Process

When someone suspects that the Honor Code has been violated, it is the responsibility of the professor or student to report the potential violation to the Honor Council President by emailing honorcouncil@student.lagrange.edu. The Honor Council President will then reach out to the reported student and place a hold on their account. The President and a faculty advisor will meet with the reported student in a Preliminary Meeting to lay out the given facts against them and to let the student choose how to proceed. The reported student will meet with the Honor Council as a Self-Report or Hearing.

In a Self-Report, the student admits to violating the Honor Code; and after hearing the student's side of the story, the Council will decide a sanction for the student. In a hearing, the student says they did not violate the code and gives their story. The Council will also hear from the reporting professor or student as to what they believe happened. After hearing both sides, the Council decides if the Honor Code was broken; and if yes, the Council decides a Sanction. The President will then inform the student and the reporting professor or student of the Council's decision and remove the hold on the student's account.