Be Your Best Self
LaGrange College’s Ethos curriculum will be the foundation in every student’s search for a meaningful life. Students will refine their intellectual skills,  explore multiples ways of learning, and examine thoughtful global citizenship.
Cornerstone First Year Experience We want to help you to be ready for a LaGrange College experience
Engage Excellence, Civility, Diversity, and Service Learn more about the world around and how to engage with the people of that world.
Portfolio Digital Portfolio Exhibit your growth and capabilities to family, friends, and future employers through your portfolio.
Capstone Senior Year Experience Share the work that you love and the potential that you possess.
Think Critically

Learn to write, speak, and think in ways that are applicable to real-world problems.

Fall 2020 ETHOS courses


Study our world and the ways and reasons humans do what they do.


{Student in Greece}
Explore Your World Study other cultures and traditions and travel to places around the world.
Demonstrate Your Potential Explore topics and create works that are stimulating to you and that you can share with others.