Research Opportunities

How to get involved with undergraduate research.
Professor in a lab coat presenting a glass test tube teaching two students. All three are wearing safety glasses.

Find a Mentor...

Students who want to complete research projects as part of their education don't have to go through it alone. While most of the times you see faculty members teaching, they are often working on their own lines of research in the background. They are often willing to bring in students on their on going work or mentor students through their original ideas. 

In order to help you connect with a mentor, the UR Program provides the list of faculty members below who routinely mentor students. 



Kim Barber Knoll, MFA, AEA (

  • Department or Program: Theatre Arts
  • Area of Interest: Movement, Auditioning, Directing, Creative Dramatics
  • Professor Knoll recently trademarked her original movement methods, In the Movement.

John A. Tures, PhD (

Maranah Sauter, RN, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Nursing
  • Area of Interest: Health of caregiving dyad, Factors influencing self-perceived health and wellness

Stephanie Thomas, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Psychological Science
  • Area of Interest: Impact of narrative's character(s) on a reader's thoughts/feelings/behavior, Personality as a predictor of life outcomes.

Mark Yates, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Biology
  • Area of Interest: How management of forested areas impacts the animal and plant species, Forest bat communities, How management tools such as prescribed fires impact terrestrial habitats

Toni Anderson, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Music
  • Areas of Interest: Fisk Jubilee Singers, Black music history, Vocal pedagogy, Musical theatre literature and pedagogy

Melinda Pomeroy-Black, MS, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Biology
  • Areas of Interest: How specific residential and agricultural pesticides adversely affect neurological function and neurodevelopment, Cell-cell communication and intracellular communication, Parkinson's disease, Alternative animal models

Christi Hu, PhD (

  • Department or Program: Psychological Science
  • Areas of Interest: EEG measures of attention and relaxation, Sexual education programs, Teaching pedagogy, Behavioral analysis techniques used to increase academic success