Cost of Attendance

The certificate in Organizational Leadership from LaGrange College can be earned at $1,125 per course (3 credit hours at $375 per credit hour).  Substantial savings can be had by paying for the certificate with an upfront cost of $4200.

(All costs are for FY 2019-2020.)


Employee Incentives

Many employers encourage their workers to continue to grow through educational opportunities.  Consequently, many employers also help employees through tution reimbursement or compensation programs.  

Contact your HR office to take advantage of these opportunities from your employer.


Employer Incentives

Tuition discounts will be extended to employers who compensate their employees for tuition in this program.  Additional discounts may be extended to employers who compensate multiple employees or groups of employees who enroll in this program.


For additional questions concerning tuition, fees, or payment, contact Rachel Messerly in the Business Office at LaGrange College at 706-880-8231 or via email at