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Here's Where You Begin

Panther Pathways is a summer bridge program designed for admitted first-year and Transfer students as you transition to LaGrange College. Pathways includes meeting with an academic advisor, registering for classes, understanding the financial aspects of your education, exploring leadership development, and meeting some of your peers.

To keep students and staff safe and healthy, all 2020 Panther Pathways programs will be virtual. When you complete your enrollment deposit, you'll be automatically enrolled in the Panther Pathways course in our LC system, Connect. This course contains modules that will teach you more about LaGrange College and the resources that you can utilize while earning your degree. The course condenses a traditionally two-day program into a few hours of online content and introduces you to the virtual tools that you will use for academic course work during the year. The course will remain in your dashboard as a resource during your time at LaGrange College. After you complete the course, you'll be set up with an advising appointment to register for classes 1:1 with one of our experienced faculty advisors. 

Due to this program change, there will not be a guest portion of Panther Pathways this year. Instead, LaGrange College will be developing Podcast episodes and webinars for parents/guardians throughout the summer. More information about these informational opportunities will be communicated via email, the Panther Pathways website, and social media to students and parents/guardians.

The Panther Pathways Course will launch on Monday, June 15th. Any students who deposit after this date, will receive their credentials, and will have credentials created and will be enrolled in the course once approved. For general questions or concerns, contact the Campus Life Office at 706-880-8975.

Automatic Enrollment

Students will not need to register for Panther Pathways program we will be enrolling all students automatically after their deposit is approved and credentials are created. If you have any issues with your course registration, please email

Signing In:
The course is profile protected so you will need your username and password. You should receive an email from our IT department title "Welcome to LaGrange" after you deposit containing your email and password, along with instructions to log into your school email. Please email with any issues related to username and password.

In this video - Cornerstone Professor, Dr. Justin Thurman provides a helpful tutorial on logging into our system. 

Available Dates - Course and Advising 
Course will go Live on Monday, June 15th. Students will receive email instructions on logging into Connect, including the video above. Students may complete the course at their own pace and progress will save along the way. There will always be course seats available, but classes do fill up later in the summer, and you'll have the most class choices available earlier in the advising process.

At the completion of the course modules, students will be allowed to register for their small group (~10 students) advising Zoom session. Students must complete the entire course to register for advising. Students will select from these advising dates:

  • Wednesday, June 24th
  • Wednesday, July 8th 
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • Wednesday, August 12th

Advising Sessions These sessions are meant for incomings students to participate with other incoming students. Small groups will be led by our Orientation Leaders and a Cornerstone faculty member will join to help guide students through registration. Advising sessions will be held through a Zoom call and will receive confirmation of their appointment through an email from Expect the zoom call to last about 1.5 hours.

Zoom Advising will be offered at multiple time slots to accommodate students summer schedules (10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m./ 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m./ and 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.). Once you complete the course - please select your time and date preference in the registration and we will do our best to accommodate these requests.  

Registration Appointments will be scheduled with the Cornerstone faculty member and the student, sometime during the Thursday and Friday, following the completion of Zoom Advising. You'll discuss this appointment during Advising. Registration will be a 1-on-1 Zoom Call to walk you through registration and answer any questions related to your schedule. 

Virtual Schedule Breakdown

We look forward to helping you transition to the college and prepare you virtually to join us in person this Fall! Your Virtual Panther Pathways program will require you to complete these next steps:

    1. Pay Deposit and obtain credentials
    2. You'll receive notification on accessing the course once you are enrolled in early June. Follow the instructions to log into the Panther Pathways Orientation Course. The course includes:
      • Financial aid and payment set-up
      • Activities, servant leadership, and ways to get involved
      • Support services to help you along the way
      • The LC Honor Code, Student Handbook, Campus Safety, and Title IX
    3. After completing the course, you'll register for Advising and Registration: 
      • Zoom Meet your peers in small groups (~10 students), along with some Pathways Orientation Team leaders
      • Registration overview and advising
      • Scheduling your 1:1 appointment (held sometime in the next two days)
    4. In the days following your group advising overview, you'll complete Registration 1-on-1 with your advisor over Zoom. 
    5. "Panther Chat" Webinars for continued education will be held throughout the summer with different topics of discussion. Departments will host Zoom webinars to present information and provide a Q&A space for students and families. These Zoom rooms will have a posted schedule covering topics like:
      • Making your transition
      • Being a Student-Athlete
      • Housing and Residence Life
      • Getting Involved
      • Success Strategies
      • and much more

        Our first chat happened on Thursday, July 23rd! Orientation Head Staff member, Gabby Curry interviewed guests VP of Student Affairs and Dean of Students - Brian Carlisle and Associate Dean of Campus Life - Ryan Cook with questions submitted by students and families.
        Check out the video here!
    6. Pathways Podcast - This playlist will offer helpful tips and tricks to starting off strong in your first year at LaGrange College. Join our faculty, staff, and students as we tackle topics of transition through this popular audio format. Check out our first episodes launching in June with more content being added all summer on Spotify, Audible, and most places you get your Podcast content.

      Check us out on Spotify at Pathways Podcast or on Acorn 
  1. Cornerstone Cohort Meetings will happen in August leading up to the school year to help you hit the ground running and will also happen over Zoom. 


How to Prepare

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