Congratulations Class of 2021!

Michelle-Hopper-1.jpg Michelle-Hopper-2.jpg
Senior Nursing photo (Submitted by Michelle Hopper) Senior photo honoring Michelle's mother who passed away last August (Submitted by Michelle Hopper)
Michelle-Hopper-3.jpg Olivia-Jones-1.jpg
Michelle Hopper and Janine Lovins (Submitted by Michelle Hopper) Graduating Elementary Education Major- Olivia Jones (Photo credit: Eva Jones)
Olivia-Jones-2.jpg Olivia-Jones-3.jpg
Elementary Education Major Olivia Jones (Photo credit: Eva Jones) Elementary Education Major Olivia Jones (Photo credit: Eva Jones)
Ashley-Stell-1.jpg Joely-Peterman-1.jpg
Ashley Stell's senior photo in honor of being the first Music Education graduate (Submitted by Ashley Stell) Joely Peterman's senior photo taken April  2021 in front of the Chapel. (Submitted by Joely Peterman)
Savannah-Stephens-1.jpg Joely-Peterman-2.jpg
Savannah Stephens senior photo (Submitted by Savannah Stephens)  
Several senior Early Childhood Education majors (Submitted by Savannah Stephens)
Nursing students Darlene Scott and Alyyson Fuller (Submitted by Darlene Scott)
Adrian-McGinnis-1.jpg Adrian-McGinnis-2.jpg
Senior nursing major Adrian McGinnis (Submitted by Adrian McGinnis) Senior nursing major Adrian McGinnis celebrating a new job at Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center (Submitted by Adrian McGinnis)
Kappa Delta celebrated their graduating seniors at an alumni ceremony (Submitted by Savannah Hicks)
Savanna-Hicks-6.jpg Savanna-Hicks-1.jpg
Senior theatre major Savannah Hicks (Submitted by Savannah Hicks) Savannah Hicks with, from left, Professor Riggs, Professor Knoll, and Professor Hopper after ringing the #LCSoundofSuccess bell. (Submitted by Savannah Hicks)
Graduating seniors with Professor Riggs on the last day of class. (Submitted by Savannah Hicks)
Senior nursing major Ashley Rodriguez (Submitted by Ashley Rodriguez)
Sydney-Corley-2.jpg Sydney-Corley-3.jpg
Nursing students and their evidence based project (Submitted by Sydney Corley) Nursing students (Submitted by Sydney Corley)
Sydney-Corley-4.jpg Sydney-Corley-5.jpg
Nursing students (Submitted by Sydney Corley) A nursing Christmas celebration (Submitted by Sydney Corley)
Senior nursing majors celebrate the end of the school year (Submitted by Sydney Corley)
Senior nursing students (Submitted by Sydney Corley)
Sydney-Corley-8.jpg Sydney-Corley-7.jpg
Nursing students following a COVID vaccine clinical (Submitted by Sydney Corley) Nursing senior accepted a job in the ER at WWGMC (Submitted by Sydney Corley)