Leaders Inspired for Tomorrow

Lift class FY17

LaGrange’s most prestigious non-academic honor for entering students, LIFT provides a leadership-development program for 10 incoming first-year undergraduates. If you have a strong leadership/service-oriented background, consider taking part in this fun and challenging experience.

LIFT participants:

  • Are selected by an application process overseen by a committee of college faculty and staff. 
  • Participate in a four-day backpacking and rock-climbing leadership development experience led by North Carolina Outward Bound in Brevard, North Carolina during Spring Break.
  • Take part in monthly leadership sessions that feature experiential learning activities and sessions with established leaders.
  • Participate in a variety of service projects both on and off campus to promote active engagement within the college community.

In the end, LIFT is much more than just an impressive line on a résumé. It offers a complete experience designed to promote intensive personal learning and to equip participants with the tools to lead within the college and community for years to come.


Outward Bound experience

The intense leadership development curriculum includes participation in an intensive four-day backpacking and rock-climbing experience through the Mt. Pisgah National Forest, located near Brevard, North Carolina during Spring Break.

In preparation for the trip, participants should be able to hike a total of two to three miles in a day at a steady pace as well as being comfortable with being outdoors or extended periods of time. All costs associated with the trip are covered by a generous donation provided by LaGrange College Trustee Ted Beason.

Outward Bound is the oldest, most respected outdoor educator in the world, and North Carolina Outward Bound, the oldest independent Outward Bound school in the country, knows how to open your eyes to your own potential.


Interested incoming first-year students may apply to the program by submitting an application consisting of three parts: 

  • A leadership/service résumé. This should include the applicant's name, email address, phone number, mailing address and high school name. The résumé also should include two sections that outline the applicant's leadership and service accomplishments as well as awards, if applicable. The selection committee is looking for candidates who have demonstrated a desire to serve others in their schools, churches and communities.
  • A short reflection that describes a prominent leader in your life:  How have they impacted you? What qualities make them a respectable leader? The essay should be between 250 and 500 words; it should be submitted in a double-spaced Word document with 12 point Times New Roman font and standard margins.
  • A statement indicating whether the applicant would be able to attend the North Carolina Outward Bound trip. The trip is currently scheduled to occur during Spring Break.However, the date may change depending on COVID-19 and social distancing requirements. Although the trip is an important part of the program, we realize that individuals may have specific needs or circumstances that would not allow them to participate; if you are unable to attend the trip, please explain why in your application. 

Interested students must apply on or before Wednesday, September 9, 2020.