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The LaGrange Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is a 60 credit-hour program that may be finished within two calendar years. The content of the courses will be delivered through assigned readings, seminar discussions, multimedia presentations, case presentations, and small group discussions. Some of the courses offered in our program are in hybrid format where work is completed both in and outside of the classroom.During the 1st year of the program, students are expected to showcase the following: mastery of counseling theories, concepts, and models, knowledge and experience with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), knowledge and sensitivity towards multicultural populations, an ability to lead psychoeducational and process groups, and demonstration of basic counseling skills. During the 2nd year of the program, students obtain real-world clinical experience at their practicum and internship site.  During their practicum and internship experience, students will practice and demonstrate each of the clinical skills learned in the classroom during year 1. Along with completing all academic requirements designed to evaluate students’ skills and knowledge in areas related to program goals and student learning indicators, students will also complete the following: 

Year 1 

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 
  • Submit student annual review (fall and spring semesters) 
  • Meet with assigned academic advisor (fall and spring semesters) 
  • Attend pre-practicum/internship orientation with clinical coordinator 
  • Submit application for practicum/internship clinical experience  
  • Interview with proposed practicum/internship site supervisor 
  • Submit signed practicum/internship paperwork 

Year 2 

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA 
  • Complete mid-program portfolio 
  • Submit student annual review (fall and spring semesters) 
  • Meet with assigned academic advisor (fall and spring semesters) 
  • Complete 1 semester of practicum (40 direct hours, 60 indirect hours) 
  • Complete 3 semesters of internship (240 direct hours, 360 indirect hours) 
  • Pass the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE)   
  • Submit final program portfolio 


Fall I

  • COUN 5000 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Syllabus)
  • COUN 5001 Theories of Counseling (Syllabus
  • COUN 5002 Strategies and Techniques in Counseling (Syllabus)
  • COUN 5004 Professional Practice & Ethics (Syllabus)

Interim Term I

  • No Courses

Spring I

  • COUN 5003 Group Dynamics (Syllabus)
  • COUN 5013 Individual Analysis (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6000 Advanced Techniques (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6001 Assessment & Diagnosis (Syllabus)

Summer I

  • COUN 5011 Life Span Development (Syllabus)
  • COUN 5012 Career Counseling (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6004 Crisis, Trauma, & Grief Counseling (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6005 Research and Program Evaluation (Syllabus)

Fall II

Interim Term II

  • COUN 6997 Introduction to Internship (Syllabus)

Spring II

  • COUN 5010 Social and Cultural Diversity (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6007 Principles of Management, Consultation, Collaboration, and Advocacy (Syllabus)
  • COUN 6998 Internship I (Syllabus)

Summer II