Mission Statement 

It is the mission of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at LaGrange College to prepare counseling professionals who value civility, integrity, diversity, service, advocacy, and excellence as they promote the well-being of all those they serve. The faculty members are committed to communicating the knowledge, skills, and passion for both the art and the science of counseling as they prepare qualified graduates to serve the people of their communities as well as the counseling profession.

Program Objectives

  • Develop knowledge and skills necessary for competent professional practice, while cultivating strong counselor identity.
  • Engage in professional development and advocacy, by enhancing awareness and creating a passion for social justice with implementation of multicultural competent practices.
  • Develop competent professionals with the skills, knowledge and awareness to work within a diverse society.
  • Maintain a high quality CACREP aligned program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Accreditation Status

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program is actively in the process of becoming accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Program (CACREP).  The current courses offered in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program are based on CACREP standards. Each of the faculty members are fully committed and dedicated to meeting and maintaining the standards set by CACREP. 

Here is a link to our 2019-2020 Outcome Report

Here is a link to our 2019-2020 Program Modifications