The LaGrange College Communications and Marketing Office maintains the integrity of the LaGrange College visual identity and helps users apply the identity program. Staff members will meet on an ongoing basis to review the overall system, evaluate requests, and resolve problems related to the identity.

The Communications and Marketing Office has been involved in the development of this manual and is familiar with the correct application of the graphic elements. This office is responsible for identifying incorrect use of those elements and will work with all campus departments to bring applications into compliance with the identity program.

In addition, the Communications and Marketing Office is empowered to stop or adapt production of any application which uses the LaGrange College visual identity incorrectly, or to require an application to be revised.

Approval Process
Any first-time use of the LaGrange College logo or wordmark should be approved at the proof state or sooner by the Director of Communications and Marketing or by his/her delegate on the LaGrange College staff. Subsequent uses are subject to the approval process outlined in the College’s Publications and Printing Policy, found here.

LaGrange College Communications and Marketing Office
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