Culture and Cuisine from Lucerne to Venice

Welcome to the 3D Journeys April lecture.  Grab a cup of tea or a glass of water and get your pen and paper ready, and perhaps even silence your phone. It’s going to be a fun and enlightening to learn more about  “Is This A 5-Star Government? Rating The Italian Political Scene.” Presented by Dr. John Tures, Professor Political Science, LaGrange College


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About the speaker:

Dr. John Tures is a graduate of Trinity University and earned his master’s degree at Marquette University in International Relations in 1994, where he did a paper on Italy's Northern League. In 2000, he received his doctorate at Florida State University in Political Science.  Prior coming to LaGrange College in 2001, he worked as a defense contractor, just before 9/11. Way back in 1989, you could find a young carefree college student traveling around Italy, with a full head of hair, and no beard. But if you saw John A. Tures today, you wouldn't recognize him today. Now he's a college professor of political science, the teacher not the student. He's bald, has a beard, and is getting too old to be that carefree these days.  You could say Italy's changed just as much during the same time. Back then, you had the powerful centrist "Christian Democrat" party battling the Communist Party and Socialist Party. Nowadays, everyone's trying to prove that they're the real right-wing populists of Italy. Was it immigration, terrorism, or simply a rebuke of the European Union, egged on by Russia's attempts to stabilize NATO? Watch my presentation and decide for yourselves.