Digital Creative Media and Film

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Creative Media and Film prepares and equips students for entry-level positions within the film, media, entertainment, and broadcast industries, as well as for positions in creative worship and church media production.The curriculum allows students to be broadly based in the creative and technical arts as well as giving them the opportunity to create concentration tracks of their own from the available elective courses as found in the Fine and Performing Arts, Business, and English curricula.

 The Digital Creative Media and Film curriculum is centered on the creative and post production techniques that are used in:

  • Film and Television production
  • Documentary, Advertising, and Promotional Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Sound Design
  • Recording Studio Audio Engineering
  • Live Location Audio and Audio Post Production
  • Cell, Stop-Motion, and Computer Animation
  • Corporate and Industrial Video Production
  • Experimental and Non-Traditional Media genres

The LaGrange College Digital Creative Media and Filmprogram is designed to:

  • Develop creative and critical thinkers who are capable of communicating in culturally engaging ways.
  • Develop liberal arts values of relevant scholarship, effective presentation, and creative collaboration, all of which are hallmarks of the challenging and nurturing environment of the Digital Creative Media and Film degree program.
  • Educate and prepare its students to be professionally competitive while demonstrating intelligence and ethical values that include a life-long pursuit of excellence.

Program Objectives

The LaGrange College Digital Creative Media and Film program strives to:

  • provide a well-rounded curriculum that prepares majors for graduate study, employment in their chosen field, and/or vocational pursuits.
  • provide collaborative opportunities for peer-to-peer as well as faculty-student research.
  • provide opportunities for all students to develop an awareness and understanding of their chosen field as an integral part of the human experience.

Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of a Digital Creative Media and Film degree, a student should be able to:

  • demonstrate a broad range of film and video production and post-production techniques.
  • demonstrate the ability to synthesize ideas and techniques in creative expression.
  • demonstrate appropriate facility with the tools and techniques of their chosen field that can result in ongoing participation in artistic and professional endeavor.

Facilities and Resources

The LaGrange College West Side Film and Recording building includes a modern 150-seat recital hall, a suite of mixing and editing rooms, acoustically treated studios, spacious smart classrooms, dedicated ensemble rehearsal rooms and a live recording studio and control room. This facility also features video staging and shooting rooms with grid lighting, a Chroma key wall and a dedicated project workroom for stop-motion animation and detailed videography.

Majors and Minors

Major Minor

B.A. in Digital Creative Media and Film

This advanced Digital Creative Media and Film CORE course focuses on production and postproduction techniques for audio as used in film and video production, TV, and in various digital media. These techniques include sound design, Foley, SFX, NAT sound, A.D.R., music layback, environmental synthesis, and digital encoding.

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This advanced Digital Creative Media and Film core course focuses on the production and postproduction techniques for the creation of short films, art films, music videos, industrial and corporate presentations, edu-tainment, and video documentation

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This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of writing for visual media. Students will concentrate on developing concepts and scripts for a variety of specific audiences and formats including film, television, online, advertising and educational media.

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This Production Project course will be taken in the junior or senior year and will result in the completion and presentation of a major creative work or works. Production teams will be formed from the enrolled students of this course that may also include collaborators, production assistants, and talent from outside the enrolled class. This course may be repeated for elective credit.

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A supervised, practical “real world” experience in a professional off-campus environment. May be repeated for credit. This course may be taken for 1-3 credit hours.

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The Capstone course in Digital Creative Media will result in a public screening of selected final projects from the enrolled student that will be accompanied by a written defense. The DCMF faculty must approve the projects that are selected for presentation.

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