{Jane Cooley rides a camel in Morocco.}
Jane Cooley ’83, M’84

Service was common for Jane Cooley ’83, M’84 growing up in Marietta, Georgia.

She was a hospital candy striper, served in several service organizations in high school and did volunteer work for the nearby Methodist Church. However, her philanthropic philosophy was inspired early on by her parents. ...

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{Bruce and Emily Herrington receive their Quadrangle Society award from LC President Dan McAlexander in 2019.}
Bruce '60 and Emily '59 Herrington

In fall 2018, the first-ever Emily & Bruce Herrington Music Award was given to incoming freshman Carter White from Valley, Alabama—the gift of two alumni with long, happy memories of their time at LaGrange College.

Emily Eady of Oxford, Georgia, and Bruce Herrington from Shawmut, Alabama, met at LaGrange College fall semester 1956. ...

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{Bill and Becky Manuel pose for a photo after a dedication ceremony.}
Bill and Becky Manuel

Bill and Becky Manuel grew up in Florida, but it was at LaGrange College where the couple met and began a relationship that has lasted more than four decades.

“Our memories of meeting one another at LaGrange College are so special in our hearts,” Becky Manuel says.

Each of them came from a background of giving. ...

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{File photo of Nancy Mitchell Morris.}
Nancy Mitchell Morris ’60

If your shirt is anti-wrinkle, saving you time on ironing, then one of the people you can thank is Nancy Mitchell Morris ’60. The alumna was part of a group that created the effective cotton treatment, just one of many accomplishments in her 30 years working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an analytical chemist.

Morris was raised in Jonesboro, Georgia, which was then a rural community, and her family didn’t have much to give financially. ...

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{Undated file photo of the late Keith Wells.}
Keith Wells

Keith Wells wasn’t a LaGrange College alumnus or donor, but when he passed away in 2017, one of his final gifts designated a generous portion of his estate to the college.

“Keith had no specific connection to the college,” says friend and estate co-executor Steve Fondren. “He felt LaGrange College offered a well-rounded education.”

Wells’ wish was that his bequest would be used where most needed at the college. ...

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