LaGrange College makes it possible for you to pursue your passions and achieve your career goals.

We offer in-demand graduate programs to meet the needs of our regional community and to help students from all over the country find their calling and advance their careers. Now is the time for your dreams to become a reality. 

Graduate programs


Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Make a difference through listening, advocacy and service. Designed to prepare students to be licensed professional counselors in the state of Georgia. (Licensure in other states may require additional coursework.)


projected job growth over the next few years for mental health and counseling professions

Master of Education in Higher Education (M.Ed.)

Become a leader in the field of higher education. Prepare to work on a college campus, especially a faith-based one, in roles ranging from student life or residence life specialist to admissions or athletic administrator.


the profession from day one through a graduate assistantship that provides real-world exposure to campus events, experts and issues.

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Change your world. TEACH. Designed for those with a four-year degree who want to become a teacher in grades 4-12. Receive master’s-level pay as soon as you begin your career as a certified teacher.


projected job growth in Georgia’s educational sector over the next few years

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)

Impact student learning. Prepare for a future as a creative instructional leader, using and producing research for instructional improvement and to make informed curriculum decisions.


a pay-grade increase of about $5,000/year when moving from T-4 to T-5 certification

Specialist in Education in Curriculum & Instruction (Ed.S.)

Become a facilitator for change. Designed for experienced teachers who want to explore the field of curriculum while retaining classroom responsibilities. Develop the theoretical knowledge and practical strategies needed to participate in the curriculum change process.

“This is the ideal program! The hybrid model provided the in-person support and feedback needed for success, along with the flexibility of distance learning classes, which allowed me to complete assignments at my own pace while working full time and managing a family.”

Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (Ed.D.)

Become an effective curriculum leader as a doctoral candidate in as few as five semesters. Stay competitive in the field while preparing for a variety of institutional roles.


your doctoral classroom work in as few as five semesters through a hybrid model featuring online class meetings and periodic on-campus seminars.

Tier I Educational Leadership Certification

Make positive changes in your school and increase student learning. Designed for experienced teachers who seek leadership positions in schools below the principal and district level. May also be completed while enrolled in a LaGrange M.Ed. or Ed.S. program or independently as an add-on to an existing graduate program.

“Going through this program helped me become more aware of the big picture issues facing my school. The data and research have been really beneficial—and are an almost daily reminder to have empathy and understanding when I’m handling discipline with students and collaborating with teachers.”

Tier I Certification