daytime exterior of Hudson Lab Sciences building

Enjoy high-tech spaces with a personal touch

With its state-of-the-art laboratories and welcoming spaces, Hudson Lab Sciences Building has become a popular place for science students to gather and explore.

Opened in 2017, the $17 million facility is the home of biology, ecology, anatomy/physiology, chemistry and immunology. It includes student research areas, a special projects lab, ecology lab and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance equipment.

Throughout the building, “soft” learning locations encourage you to meet, collaborate on projects and interact with professors, inspiring connections beyond the classroom. See some of those learning spaces below:


Professor and student filling beakers as part of an experiment in Hudson Lab Sciences Building
Chemistry lab

Student in lab coat inserting a sample into the NMR machine in Hudson Lab Sciences Building
NMR machine

 Two students working at a mixing station in a production suite.
Interactive study spaces

Exterior view of west end of Hudson Lab Sciences Building that shows building name at top
Hudson Lab Sciences Building exterior