The Value of Internships and Service Learning

Internships offer invaluable experience that can bring to life the sociological concepts and theories you study while at LaGrange. You can sample potential careers, build your resume, and learn new skills during a well-chosen internship experience. Participation in an internship affords an excellent way to explore career options and help determine what aspects of sociology interest you. A wide range of internships are available to sociology majors/minors. 

In conjunction with the Career Center, you will be placed in an internship that matches your interests.


Research is integral to our field of study. Because of its importance, you will be conducting your own original research during your course studies. While research is embedded in the senior seminar course, you could also do an independent study focusing on a specific interest of yours, or work with faculty members on their research projects. We want you to gain the experience of actually "doing it." 
Reserach skills and the synthesis of information will better prepare you for the workforce once you graduate. 

Recent student projects

  • "An Analysis of the Interaction between Detention Officers and Inmates"
  • "The Process and Difficulties of Coming Out" 
  • "Abortion Views on a College Campus"
  • "Using Theatrical Techniques to Enhance Conflict Transformation Education"
  • "The Mechanisms of Racialized Tracking" 
  • "College Student's Perceptions of Finance Understanding" 
  • "The Evoloution of a Political Celebrity: How Donald Trump's Twitter Rhetoric Transformed from Apprentice to 'Presidential'" 
  • "Feminsim: Perceptions and the Impact of Self Identification Among College Freshmen"
  • "Young Adults and the Effects of Christian Theology on Attitudes Towards Abortion"

LaGrange College Undergraduate Research

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