Campus buildings are normally referred to in the manner listed below (last name + building type).  In situations where recognition of an individual or donor is paramount, the formal full name of the facility can be used. Formal facility names are listed below beneath the common name.

Banks Hall
(William and Evelyn Banks Hall)

Boatwright Hall
(J.K. Boatwright Hall)

Broad Street Apartments

Callaway Academic Building
(Fuller E. Callaway Academic Building)

Callaway Auditorium

Callaway Education Building

Callaway Science Building
(Cason J. Callaway Science Building)

Candler Cottage
(Warren A. Candler Cottage)

Candler Residence Hall
(Lee Edwards Candler Residence Hall)


Fraternity Court

Hawkes Hall
(Harriet Hawkes Hall)

Hawkins Hall

Henry Residence Hall
(Waights G. Henry Jr. Residence Hall)

Hoppe Building
(Fred and Ellie Hoppe Building)

Hudson Natatorium
(Charles D. Hudson Natatorium)

Hudson Lab Sciences Building
(Ida Callaway Hudson Lab Sciences Building)

Lamar Dodd Art Center

Lewis Library
(Frank and Laura Lewis Library)

Manget Building
(Loiuse Anderson Manget Building)

Mariotti Gymnasium
(Alfred Mariotti Gymnasium)

Mitchell Building (at Sunny Gables)
(Evelyn Mitchell Building)

Pitts Dining Hall
(Margaret Adger Pitts Dining Hall)

Pitts Residence Hall

President’s Home

Price Theater

Quillian Building
(Hubert T. Quillian Building)

Richter Gymnasium (at Callaway Education Building)
(Lee Richter Gymnasium)

Smith Hall

Sunny Gables Alumni House

Turner Hall
(William H. Turner Jr. Hall)

West Side


Other areas, rooms and facilities:
(location indicated in parentheses)

Bailey Room (Smith Hall)

Beason Recital Hall (West Side)

The Boopie (Jones Zone, Student Center)

Buchanan Patio

Caswell Plaza (outside Lewis Library and Pitts Dining Hall)

Charter Computational Mathematics Lab (Callaway Science Building)

Cleaveland Field (baseball field)

Cobb Board Room (Smith Hall)

Dickson Assembly Room (inside the Student Center)

Edmondson Parlor (Smith Hall)

Glover Garden

Gulley Gateway

Harwell Room (Quillian Building)

Hicks Seminar Room (Hudson Lab Sciences Building)

Hines Conference Room (Lewis Library)

Jolly Lecture Room (Callaway Science Building)

Jones Zone (Student Center)

Lafayette-Henry Room (Smith Hall)

Mabry Gipson Student Center (Turner Hall)

Maidee Smith Patio (inside Glover Garden)

Mariotti Athletic Lounge (Mariotti Gym)

Millennial Park  (dedicated in honor of Dr. Charles D. Hudson H’80)

Moshell Learning Center and Tutoring Lab (Lewis Library)

Murphy Academic Quadrangle

Murphy Oak

Nick Allen Pavilion

Nixon Parlor (Hawkes Hall)

Panther Field (soccer and lacrosse competition field across from the CEB)

Softball Complex

Strack Beach Volleyball Courts

Suber Archives and Special Collections (Lewis Library)

Williamson Stadium (at Cleaveland Field in Williamson Stadium)

Wheelock Study Room (Lewis Library)

Whorton Room (Smith Hall)