Why emphasize hands-on experience and research?

A major in Psychological Science can lead to many different career paths with only a few of those featuring research as the main component. However, all students will need the ability to gather information, make informed decisions, and interpret the results. Hands-on research experience helps develop these important life skills.

As part of the program requirements, students will begin their studies by learning about basic research methods and statistical analyses. These skills will then be applied to solve problems in various classes and complete course-embedded research projects. Students can complete additional classes focused on research or work directly with a professor as a research assistant. The process culminates in the students senior year when they are able to complete their own original research study using all of the tools collected along the way. Most seniors have the opportunity to present their research at professional conferences.

This year our program had 8 student projects accepted to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR 2019). Students will be traveling to the conference and presenting their posters as part of the senior capstone course.


Current Student Projects:
    Exploring the relationship between experience-taking after reading a narrative and cognitive performance
    Examining the religious affiliations of college students
    Undergraduate perceptions of child sexual abuse versus adult sexual abuse
    Factors of student organizations and contentment
    Relationships between the type of sexual education programs and sexual behaviors on college campuses
    Exploring the perceptions amoung undergraduates on the usage of prescription stimulants
    Predictors of infidelity