First Time Pass Rates for National Licensure Examination

The Georgia Board of Nursing requires programs to maintain an 80% first-time pass rate on the national licensure examination for registered nurse (NCLEX-RN). LaGrange College nursing program has met the Expected Level of Achievement for graduates taking NCLEX-RN for the first time at or above the state or national average. 

Program Completion Rate

At LaGrange, beginning with enrollment in the first nursing course, the nursing program established length is 2 years to complete. The Expected Level of Achievement is that 65% or more students will complete the nursing program within 150% (3 years) of the stated program length, beginning with enrollment in the first nursing course.

Job Placement Rate

All graduates of the nursing program seeking employment in the nursing profession have been able to secure positions, routinely within 3 months of graduation. 

Student Achievement Outcome Data