B.A. Elementary Education

Our Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education offers not only content, but also philosophy, the art of professional teaching, ethics and cultural responsiveness as well. As an Elementary Education candidate, you will spend at least 725 hours in supervised field experiences in diverse school settings. As a senior, candidates engage in a year-long student teaching experience that allows them to work along-side an experienced clinical faculty mentor utilizing a co-teaching model

Candidates completing a B.A. in Elementary Education will:

  • develop a thorough understanding of the social, intellectual, physical, and emotional development of children;
  • identify the nature of learning and behaviors involving children;
  • construct a curriculum appropriate to the needs of children;
  • utilize existing knowledge about parents and cultures in dealing effectively with children;
  • gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamental concepts of appropriate disciplines and how to relate them to children;
  • identify and implement differentiated teaching strategies in lessons designed for elementary students;
  • understand diagnostic tools and approaches for assessing students at all levels and how to remediate learning problems in the various disciplines; and
  • develop their maximum potential through the provision of a succession of planned and guided experiences.

Program Requirements

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Department Handbooks

Elementary Education Handbook

Program of Study - Elementary Education

Student Teaching Spotlight

As a senior, Elementary Education candidates participate in a year-long student teaching experience. During this year, candidates work along-side their clinical faculty mentor utilizing a co-teaching model.