B.A. Education Studies

B.A. Education Studies (a non-certification program) is intended for students interested in Middle Grades and Secondary Education as well those who are considering graduate school or who desire positions in education that do not require state teaching certification. The Education Studies foundational curriculum includes coursework that examines educational psychology, child development and cultural diversity. In consultation with an academic advisor, the student may choose among academic tracks with foci on traditional academic areas, coaching and physical education, social/behavioral science, or other approved areas of focus. Students who wish to enter the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program should choose areas of interest to prepare for matriculation into this certification program. Although Education Studies is a non-certification program that does not lead directly to teacher certification, graduates may be eligible to teach abroad, teach in independent schools or enter post-baccalaureate, graduate or alternative certification programs. 

Program Requirements

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Program of Study - Education Studies