Emergency Preparedness Plan: Cleaveland Baseball Field

If a life-threatening injury or illness occurs, immediately dial 911. Then call Campus Security office at 706-880-8911. Give your name and location; describe the nature and severity of the injuries or problem:

“Hello, my name is _______________. I am calling from LaGrange College. We have a victim who has suffered from a possible type of injury (head, neck, leg, etc.). The victim is conscious/unconscious (state one). We need an ambulance at Cleaveland Baseball Field. From Vernon Street, take a left onto Panther Way. Cleaveland Baseball Field is on the right. The emergency entrance is located through the main entrance. Someone will meet the ambulance outside of the main entrance to direct personnel through the emergency entrance to the exact location of the victim. If you need to reach us again, please dial (give the number you are calling from).”

Answer any questions from the dispatcher; do not hang up until dispatcher has already done so.

LaGrange College Campus Address: 601 Broad Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

map of Cleaveland baseball field at LaGrange College


Driving Directions: From Vernon Street, take a left onto Panther Way. Cleaveland Baseball Field is on the right.


Emergency Personnel:

  • Certified Athletic Trainer on site for competition
  • Additional Sports Medicine Staff accessible from the Athletic Training Room located in Callaway Education Building


Emergency Communication:

  • Fixed telephone line is located in the Coach’s Office
  • A cellular phone can also be used to activate EMS

Note: Any time EMS is activated or an athlete is taken to Emergency Medical Facilities such as the ER or Urgent Care by a Coach, Atheltic Trainer, or other, you must notify the Head Athletic Trainer Rob Dicks, as well as the Vice President of Athletics and Recreation, Terlynn Olds.


Emergency Equipment:

  • Supplies (AED, Splint Kit) located at each event on home side
  • Additional equipment can be located in the Athletic Training Room in Callaway Education Building.


Role of First Responders:

  1. Provide immediate care to the injured or ill student-athlete
    • Check ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation)
    • Begin CPR, administer First Aid as necessary
  2. Emergency equipment retrieval (AED, splint bag, anaphylaxis kit, hemlet removal tools)
  3. Activation of Emergency Medical System (EMS)
    • 911 call (provide name, address, telephone number; number of individuals injured; condition of injured; first aid treatment; specific directions; other information as requested; see script direction below)
    • Notify Head Athletic Trainer and Athletic Director
    • Notify campus security at (706) 880-8911.
  4. Direction of EMS to scene
    • Open (unlock) appropriate gates
    • Designate individual to “flag down” EMS and direct to scene
    • Scene control: limit scene to first aid providers and move bystanders away from area