SPMG 3000 Introduction to Sports Management. (3) Spring
This course will examine historical and philosophical aspects of sports management while giving an overview of current issues and career opportunities in sports management. The course will provide introductory exposure to: the historical evolution of sports, the role of media in sports, and legal and ethical issues in sports management. Students will formulate personal and career goals.
Prerequisites: ACCT 2211, ECON 2200, MGMT 2200

SPMG 3100 Sports Marketing. (3) Spring
This course examines the world of sports as a business and will focus on attracting the ultimate customer—sports fans—in an increasingly competitive, fragmented and global service. The course will discuss the management of sports at professional, collegiate and special event levels focusing on the role marketing plays in planning and decision making in attracting fans and the other major customer—sponsors. Other topical areas will include: sports branding; athlete management; globalization; event sponsorship and marketing; media involvement; fantasy sports; sports vendors; sports innovations and the value and ROI of investing in sports. Students will study current opportunities and threats facing sports and entertainment properties and trends that may impact the future of sports and its various audiences. Guest experts will lecture in various classes giving students a firsthand opportunity to ask questions of sports marketing and management leaders.
Prerequisites: MGMT 2200, ECON 2200, ACCT 2211, MRKT 3380

SPMG 4000 Sports Law. (3) Fall
This course will examine selected legal, financial, and policy issues and disputes that arise in the business of sports. The course will also include (to the maximum degree possible) discussions about new landmark judicial decisions, as well as, significant NCAA infractions cases and Olympic sports arbitration awards. Students are also provided an opportunity to debate complex issues related to the application of antitrust, labor, and intellectual property law to sports.
Prerequisite: SPMG 3000

SPMG 4200 Facilities and Events Management. (3) Spring
This course will provide students with the skills necessary to effectively manage sport and fitness facilities and events. This course will examine all of the facets of public assembly facility management as they relate to sports arenas, ballparks, stadiums and other venues. Among the topics to be presented and explored will be: event booking, finance, marketing, operations, scheduling, staffing and ticketing.
Prerequisite: SPMG 3000

SPMG 4460 Internship in Sports Management. (1-6) Fall and Spring
This course represents a unique opportunity for a qualified student to expand his or her understanding of the practical applications of the business of sports teams. The internship contract will specifically identify the student’s obligations and duties, the nature and extent of the host enterprise’s commitment to assist the student in further extending his or her knowledge of enterprise operations, and the basis on which the student’s learning accomplishments will be measured. No more than 6 credit hours may be applied toward the student’s graduation requirements.
Prerequisites: Sports management major with demonstrated superior capabilities and prior approval of the internship contract by the sports management coordinator.