Challenge your mind, inspire your soul

The program in Religion & Philosophy at LaGrange College seeks to promote, within the framework of the Christian faith, the mental, physical, moral and spiritual capacity of each student. Whatever your vocational plans, a major in Religion and Philosophy will provide outstanding preparation.

The Religion & Philosophy Major with a Concentration in Church Leadership is designed to prepare students of any denomination for careers in full-time Christian service: youth ministry, social justice ministries, Christian education, or clergy. Students of all denominations are welcome.

The Religion & Philosophy Major with a Concentration in Global Missions and Service prepares students to work with international populations in the United States and abroad. This concentration includes a mandatory international study experience, usually scheduled during the Interim (“Jan Term”).

LaGrange is one of only nine colleges in the nation – and the only one in this region – authorized by the United Methodist Church to offer certification programs in Christian Education and Youth Ministry to our Methodist students. According to the denomination’s Board of Higher Education and Ministry, students who graduate from this LC program have accomplished coursework that is comparable to a full graduate program.


Students can complete a B.A. in Religion and Philosophy using a 4-year progression