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*ARTD 1109 Art History Survey I. (3) Fall
This course surveys the history of Western art and architecture from the Paleolithic period through the Gothic era.

*ARTD 1110 Art History Survey II. (3) Spring
This course surveys the history of Western art and architecture from the Early Renaissance to the beginning of the 20th century.

*ARTD 1111 Modern and Contemporary Art History. (3) Spring
This course surveys the development of Western art from the beginning of the 20th through the early 21st century.

*ARTD 1151 Drawing I. (3) Fall
A course in the fundamentals of perceptual drawing or drawing from observation. Topics include shading, line, perspective and composition.

*ARTD 1152 2-D Design. (3) Spring
A study of the basic design elements and principles. Emphasis will be on creative problem solving and development of unified designs. A study of color theory and relationships is included.

*ARTD 1153 3-D Design. (3) Fall
This course is an introduction to making objects occupying a three-dimensional space. Students will become proficient with the terminology, methodology, tools, and techniques, used in art making. Various materials will be introduced and used to construct forms, which will function both aesthetically and structurally. Craftsmanship, creative thought, and the transformation of ideas into form will be emphasized.

ARTD 2201 Graphic Design Fundamentals. (3) Fall
An introduction to the fundamentals of graphic design, emphasizing typography and layout.

ARTD 2211 Drawing II: Life Drawing. (3) Spring
A course in the study of human anatomy and the expressive potential of the human form. Using a variety of drawing media, students will draw from the model, both nude and clothed, and from the skeleton.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1151 (Basic Drawing) or permission of instructor

ARTD 2222 Graphic Design Logos and Concepts. (3) Spring
A course exploring the development of graphic ideas through projects in advertising, layout, corporate identity, and magazine and poster design. Students will be exposed to basic concepts of logo design. In addition, they will study working with printers, fonts and file formats.

*ARTD 2223 Basic Photography. (3) Fall
An introductory course in photography in which both silver (film and paper) and digital (pixel and pigment) based materials are used. The course begins with the mechanics of the camera, exposure of film and digital file, darkroom procedures of film, and printing processes from the negative as well as pigment printing and manipulation from digital files. Students are required to have a digital camera with manual control of focus, f-stops and shutter speeds. Cameras for film processing will be provided. Film, photographic and pigment print paper, and presentation materials are the responsibility of the student.

ARTD 2224 Documentary Photography. (3) Spring
A course in documentary photography in which the student is assigned projects to illustrate narrative issues relevant to contemporary social concerns utilizing both silver and digital-based materials. An introduction to the history of documentary photography and the study of the stylistic techniques of contemporary photojournalism will also be included. No prerequisite

*ARTD 2227 Ceramics–Methods and Materials. (3) Fall
This course is an introduction to ceramic methods and techniques. Students will explore different hand-building and wheel throwing techniques used to create both vessels and sculpture. This will include using the potter’s wheel, coils, slabs, and mold-making to create form. Students will be introduced to the materials technical properties, glazing, decorating, and firing methods.

*ARTD 2229 Ceramics–Wheelthrowing. (3) Spring
This course is an introduction to basic wheelthrowing techniques. Students will learn the basic mechanics of wheelthrowing to create a variety of functional pottery forms such as mugs, bowls, bottles, and jars. An emphasis is placed on the technical properties of clay, decorating, glazing, and firing methods.

ARTD 2271 Painting I. (3) Fall
An introduction to painting with acrylics or oils. Projects will explore the fundamentals of composition and modeling with color and light, as well as an introduction to abstraction.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1151 (Drawing I)

*ARTD 2272 Sculpture I. (3) Spring
This course is an introduction to the making of three-dimensional sculptural objects. Students will become proficient with a variety of materials, terminology, methodology, tools, and techniques, used in art making. Projects in this course will address both traditional and contemporary approaches to making sculpture, such as figure modeling, carving, assemblage, and narrative imagery.

*ARTD 2273 Printmaking I. (3) Fall
A course in the basics of intaglio and relief printmaking techniques, exposure to selected print and book arts media, and the development of creative imagery.


ARTD 3101 Museum Studies I. (3) Fall
In addition to textbook study, students are actively engaged in museum activities: cataloguing collections, organizing exhibitions, and serving as docents. Students visit area museums not only to view their collections and special exhibitions, but also to learn from museum personnel about the functioning of a museum.

ARTD 3102 Museum Studies II. (3) Spring
This course traces the history of museums, discusses contemporary practice in museums, and examines current issues in museology. It explores the museum’s mission and its role in society through case studies and exhibitions in a variety of museums: art, living history, history, children’s, and ethnographic.

ARTD 3103 The Art of Greece and Rome. (3) Spring
This course focuses on the art of Greece and Rome, emphasizing the historical and cultural context of the works studied.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1109 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3105 Art of the Renaissance. (3) Fall
This course focuses on the painting, sculpture, and architecture of the Renaissance, considering works in their historical and cultural context.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1110 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3106 Art of the Baroque. (3) Spring
This course examines works of painting, sculpture, and architecture created in Western Europe and in the United States during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and explores the cultural and historical circumstances of their creation.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1110 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3107 Art of the Nineteenth Century in Europe and America.(3) Fall
This course focuses on the painting, sculpture, photography, and graphics of the nineteenth century in Europe and America.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1110 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3108 Art of the Non-Western World. (3) Spring
This course treats the art of non-western cultures: South and Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Pre-Columbian America, Africa, and Oceania.
Prerequisite: ARTD 1109 or ARTD 1110 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3222 Digital Imaging. (3) Fall
A course dealing with the art of computer technology, with emphasis on photographic image manipulation. Emphasis will be placed on developing creative personal imagery. Access to a digital camera is necessary.

ARTD 3301 Advanced Graphic Design. (3) Spring
This course explores advanced design principles in such areas as web design, applied surface design, and advanced topics in typography and layout. The course is designed to assist students in developing a portfolio of their work.
Prerequisites: ARTD 2201, ARTD 2222, preferably ARTD 3222

ARTD 3311 Drawing III. (3) Spring
Advanced work with the figure in projects exploring composition and subjective expression.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2211

ARTD 3323 Advanced Photography I. (3) Fall
Advanced work in image manipulation in which creative photographic techniques are employed using both silver and digital/pigment-based materials. Emphasis will be placed on expressive and technical elements that go into the making of a personal vision. Students may work digitally or with film using a variety of formats.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2223

ARTD 3324 Advanced Photography II. (3) Spring
Independent work in photographic concepts dealing with the student’s interest in documentary, commercial, or expressive photography using either silver or digital media. A portfolio of twenty to thirty prints with a cohesive theme is required at the end of the semester.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2224

ARTD 3327 Ceramic Concepts. (3) Fall
This course emphasizes ceramic design using hand building and/or wheelthrowing techniques. Projects will be flexible in their construction method in order to accommodate different ability levels and interests. These projects will explore different concepts and ideas in ceramics such as projects with commercial potential, functionality, narrative, and design. This course will place an emphasis on glazing, decoration, and firing methods.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2227 or ARTD 2229 or consent of instructor

ARTD 3329 Ceramics: Surface and Design. (3) Spring
This course is designed to allow the student to explore design, construction, and firing methods covered in previous ceramic classes. Further emphasis is placed on the relationship between form and surface. A variety of glaze and surface decoration techniques will be explored.
Prerequisites: ARTD 2227 or ARTD 2229 or consent of instructor

ARTD 3341 Internship. (3-9) Fall, Interim, Spring
A supervised experience in an off-campus professional environment such as a photography studio, a surface or graphic design studio, or a museum or gallery administrative office.
Prerequisite: consent of the instructor

ARTD 3372 Sculpture Methods II. (3) Spring
This course is designed to allow the student to independently explore ideas, methods, and techniques covered in previous sculpture classes.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2272 or consent of the instructor

ARTD 3373 Printmaking II. (3) Fall
A continuation of ARTD 2273, including advanced exploration of color prints and other selected print and book arts media.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2273

ARTD 3375 Painting II. (3) Spring
A further exploration of either oils or acrylics. Students develop a series of paintings that explore specific imagery, materials, or techniques.
Prerequisite: ARTD 2271

ARTD 3380 Special Topics. (3) On demand
A special topics course designed to provide students with exposure to topics in either studio work or art history/museum studies not covered in the regular course offerings.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor


ARTD 4351 – 4352 Studio Concentration. (3-6) Fall and Spring
This is an advanced intensive course in which art students bring into focus their studio interest and produce a body of work in one or two disciplines leading towards their exit exhibition their last semester. The course may include discussion and readings in contemporary art theory and criticism, field trips to museums and galleries, and the creation of a personal artist’s statement and curriculum vitae. Students will be expected to produce a portfolio of their work that could be used to apply for a job application and for graduate study. This course requires that the student receive permission from the studio professor/professors in whose areas they plan to concentrate. This course may be repeated for credit, and a student may receive a maximum of 12 credit hours.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor/ instructors

ARTD 4353 Art History Concentration. (3) Spring
This course is designed to hone students’ research skills, to help them apply for internships and graduate school, and to enhance their knowledge of art historical theory and traditions. Because the course is designed to meet the specific needs of each student, the approach will vary slightly each year.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor/ instructors

ARTD 4495 Independent Studies. (3) On demand
Prerequisite: consent of instructor

*Denotes ARTD courses that satisfy the Fine Arts requirement