Learn the language of business


Accounting powers business communication. As an accountant, you will measure and record financial information; you'll analyze, think critically and make intelligent business decisions that benefit and protect management and investors.

CEOs often have accounting backgrounds, so this career ladder can reach the very top.

Why LaGrange?

The LaGrange College Accountancy program is the first in the world to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

The program focuses on hands-on, project-based learning by having you simulate the audit of an entire company from start to finish during your final three semesters. Accountancy at LaGrange goes beyond the classroom and textbooks, challenging you to develop:

  • Goal-setting skills in marketing and management
  • Superior communication abilities
  • Ethical decision making

Why is a small program better?

It helps students think big. At LaGrange College, classes are not taught by graduate assistants. Compared to business programs at larger schools, with up to 150 students per class, LaGrange students write more, present more and debate more. With small class sizes, students get quality one-on-one time with professors.


Student Performance