1. Access the IRB application under the "Forms" tab to the left.
    • This document is available as an editable PDF form. You can easily use any PDF software to fill in the form.
    • No handwritten or physical copies will be accepted.
    • The PI should fill out the form with the help of the faculty advisor.
    • All forms must contain electronic signatures of the PI, faculty advisor, and program coordinator. Again, most PDF software contains this feature.
    • If you need to include any additional documents with your application, please submit those as .doc, .docx, or .pdf attachments.
  2. All completed applications and additional documents can be submitted to irb@lagrange.edu.
  3. Once your application has been reviewed by an IRB member, the PI and faculty advisor will receive an email either:
    • Containing requested changes
    • Containing a PDF copy of an approval letter
  4. Once you receive your approval letter, you are ready to start recruiting your participants.
  5. Once you have finished collecting your data, you should submit a final report form to the IRB.