{Online summer classes are available at LaGrange College}

Summer courses can help boost your GPA—and can keep your graduation plans on track.

Plus, discounted undergraduate tuition—by nearly 50%—and fully online classes make it convenient and affordable. And financial aid may be available.

Undergraduate tuition - $700 per semester hour
(plus a $100 discount per hour after the first three hours)

You may be eligible for financial aid.
For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid. (finaid@lagrange.edu,


Sessions begin May 25.

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{Summer classes at LaGrange College are available}
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Student housing is available

Tuition and housing are both discounted for students choosing to stay on campus, but staying is not required for in-person or virtual work.

Please fill out this form to request summer occupancy. Deadline to complete this document is Friday, April 30th at 12:00pm

The Summer rate for enrolled students is $765 per summer term (Summer I and Summer II)

The weekly rate is $260 per week (if not taking course work)

Please email housing@lagrange.edu with questions.


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