Student Government Association (SGA)

Mission Statement
The Student Government Association, as a voice of the student body, promotes diversity and involvement through activities and service at LaGrange College and in the surrounding community.

Vision Statement
Together with all campus organizations, the Student Government Association strives to be the premier representative body for the LaGrange College students. While recognizing traditions and embracing the future, we seek to unify and engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni by enhancing student life on campus and throughout the community.

We aspire to accomplish this through purposeful leadership and implementing diverse and innovative ideas.

     President: Adrien Vakerics
     Vice President for Senate & Parliamentarian: Alex Glass
     Treasurer: Caelin Campbell
     Secretary: Kristin Bird
     Director of Service & Sustainability: Chandelle Doreen Ulmer
     Director of Public Relations: Mary Katherine Nix
     Director of Programs: Patrick Riley

Senior senators:
     Carolina Brashier
     Tyler Miller
     Senior Class President: Meg Westbrook

Junior senators:
     Kadeshia Brown
     Jalen Butler
     Matthew Daniel
     Amber Holmes
     Junior Class President: Jenna Copeland

Sophomore Senators:
     Carmen Findley
     Ryan Gajda
     Alexis Johnson
     Chase McCulley
     Sophomore Class President: Wade Fegley