Student Government Association (SGA)

Mission Statement
The Student Government Association, as a voice of the student body, promotes diversity and involvement through activities and service at LaGrange College and in the surrounding community.

Vision Statement
Together with all campus organizations, the Student Government Association strives to be the premier representative body for the LaGrange College students. While recognizing traditions and embracing the future, we seek to unify and engage students, faculty, staff, and alumni by enhancing student life on campus and throughout the community.

We aspire to accomplish this through purposeful leadership and implementing diverse and innovative ideas.

2016-2017 SGA Executive Committee Positions

President: Corey Morgan
Vice President of Senate / Parliamentarian: Asti White
Treasurer: Darius Jordan
Secretary: Caitlyn Deal
Director of Programs & Activities: Marie Fraise
Director of Service: Andy Peden
Director of Sustainability & Food: Meagan Harrison

2016-2017 SGA Senate

First-Year Senators

Robert Allen (Class President)
Madison Elzey
Joseph Long

Sophomore Senators

Mimi Loftus (Class President)
Jonathan Grimes
Kayla White

Junior Senators

Ashley Chafin (Class President)
Ashlan Bloodworth
Garrett Wallace

Senior Senators

Katie Chancellor (Class President)
Matthew Crawford
Tyler Hubbard

SGA Advisors: Marc H. Shook and Katie Mosley