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The amount of financial aid you can receive for a semester is based on your enrollment status at the end of the drop/add period and class attendance. Federal regulations mandate that only courses required for your degree program be used in determining your enrollment status for financial aid purposes. It is also important to note that as a financial aid recipient federal student aid regulations permit only one repetition (repeat) of a previously passed course in determining your enrollment status. (See " Repeated Course Limitation " below) The chart below reflects the minimum credit hours required for financial aid recipients to be considered full-time, three-quarter or half-time during a semester.

Undergraduate enrollment status
Full-time: 12 credit hours minimum

3/4 time*: 9 credit hours minimum

Half-time: 6 credit hours minimum

Graduate enrollment status
Full-time: 6 credit hours minimum

3/4 time: N/A

Half-time: 3 hours minimum

*Only applies to Federal Pell Grant

Regular class attendance is required to establish eligibility for your financial aid award. If it is determined that a student's attendance in a course(s) cannot be documented by the instructor(s), the student will not receive financial aid for the course(s). As a result, the student's financial aid award will be canceled or reduced to reflect the courses in which attendance was established. The student will be responsible for repaying any financial assistance for which he/she is deemed ineligible. Failure to resolve the overpayment can result in your ineligibility for future financial assistance at any college or university until the overpayment is resolved.

Financial aid is awarded under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire academic year or semester for which financial assistance was awarded. The financial aid award of a student who does not enroll for a semester will be canceled and all funds returned to the applicable financial aid programs.

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