What is the QEP?  
The Quality Enhancement Plan is a component of accreditation reaffirmation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that focuses on enhancing student learning and/or enhancing the environment supporting student learning.  This is a long term action plan that will be assessed five years after LaGrange College's accreditation reaffirmation evaluation which is scheduled for Spring 2018. 

What is LaGrange College's QEP?  
LaGrange College's QEP is the Global Engagement Initiative.  The objective of the program is to transform students' learning experiences by enlarging their "local world" perspective to a global perspective.  The Global Engagement Initiative is in perfect harmony with the mission of LaGrange College.  Students' search for truth, and their need for an ethical framework to foster their lives of integrity and moral courage, will be greatly enhanced through this initiative. 

How was it selected? 

The Global Engagement Initiative was selected from numerous suggestions and proposals from our institutional community.  For example, a rally was held in the cafeteria where the QEP concept was introduced and QEP topic suggestions were invited.  Of course, a band, food, and tee shirts enlivened the environment!  Also, on-line submittal of suggestions was encouraged.  Following the collection and review of suggestions, several topics were selected to be further defined by proposal preparations.  Proposal review was then requested from the college community which aided the final topic selection by the President's Council with approval by the Board of Trustees. 

What will the Global Engagement QEP do for me?  
Students will gain a comfort level with extended travel (solve problems of language, lodging, navigation, and finances), proficiency in interaction with people of other cultures, and a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of global economics and politics. 

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