Bridge barriers of language

Today, due to changing immigration patterns and an influx of non-English speaking children in public schools, being able to teach English as a Second Language makes any job candidate more valuable. Employers seek educators who can teach English in a variety of contexts beyond the traditional ESL classroom.  While the TESOL major is not a certification program, it provides a wealth of knowledge and experiences to support future career opportunities that abound in both public and private institutions at home and abroad.    

Why choose LaGrange College for a TESOL major?

Most Education majors say that they chose LaGrange because of the school’s solid academic standards, accreditation and location, but LC offers many other advantages. For one, it’s the only college in Georgia that offers a Jan Term, four weeks of classes that often travel abroad, allowing students to communicate and interact directly with non-English speakers in Spain, France, Japan, Thailand and a dozen other countries around the globe. LaGrange provides a travel voucher to first-time, first-year students for an off-campus travel experience their junior or senior year. For more information about Study Away opportunities, visit

Another advantage is the LaGrange College Career Development Center. In addition to helping students find internships, part-time jobs or graduate school information, the center has the resources to assist in procuring employment in dozens of fields, including TESOL.