Advising Tracks

The Psychological Science program provides students with 4-year progressions based on several different advising tracks. The 4-year progressions provide students with a look at exactly what classes they should register for every semester. They ensure that the correct courses are taken in the correct order and that the program is completed in 4 years. 

The advising track is much more than just the 4-year progression. They are designed to help students explore several areas of psychology and prepare them for the next step in their career path. Below are our existing advising tracks. 


Art Therapy toggle open
Applied Behavioral Analysis toggle open
Businees, HR, and IO Psychology toggle open
Child Life Specialist and Human Development and Family Studies toggle open
Clinical Psychology toggle open
Counseling and Social Work toggle open
Forensic Psychology and Law Enforcement toggle open
Pre-Health Professions toggle open
School Psychology and School Counseling toggle open
Sports Psychology toggle open