Pathway Sheet checklist - PDF

FRESHMAN (0-29 earned hours)
Course Number and Title Credit
ETHS 1101‡: Ethos Seminar 3 hrs
ENGL 1101** 3 hrs
SPAN 1101†: Elementary Spanish 3 hrs
Faith Traditions Course 3 hrs
*PHIL 2430 - Bioethics encouraged
Elective                                    3 hrs
Total 15 hrs
ETHOS 1102‡ - Ethos Lab 1 hrs
ENGL 1102** 3 hrs
SPAN 1102M†: Elementary Spanish 3 hrs
MATH 1101**: College Algebra 3 hrs
PSYC 1101**: Introduction to Psychology 3 hrs
Elective                                    3 hrs
Total 16 hrs
SOPHOMORE (30-59 earned hours)
Course Number and Title Credit
World Civilization/Humanities Course 3 hrs
BIOL 2148**: Human A&P I w/Lab 4 hrs
MATH 1114: Introduction to Statistics   3 hrs 
Artistic Expression Course 3 hrs
Elective                                    3 hrs
Total 16 hours
World Civilizations/Humanities Course 3 hrs
BIOL 2149**: Human A&P II w/Lab 4 hrs
BIOL 3320**: Medical Microbiology w/Lab 4 hrs
PSYC 3302**: Human Growth & Development 3 hrs
Total 15 hrs
JUNIOR (60-89 earned hours)
Course Number and Title Credit
NURS 3305: Nutrition and Health
*May be taken prior to nursing program.
2 hrs
NURS 3311: Health Assessment 4 hrs
NURS 3312: Foundations of Nursing 5 hrs
NURS 3400: Mental Health Nursing 4 hrs
Total 16 hrs
NURS 3330: Maternal & Pediatric Nursing 7 hrs
NURS 3331: Pharmacology 4 hrs
NURS 3350: Medical-Surgical Nursing I 5 hrs
Total 16 hrs
SENIOR (90+ earned hours)
Course Number and Title Credit
NURS 4430: Medical-Surgical Nursing II 8 hrs
NURS 4431: Research in Nursing 3 hrs
NURS 4440: Community Health Nursing 4 hrs
Total 15 hrs
NURS 4432: Professional Nursing Concepts/NCLEX Synthesis 4 hrs
NURS 4433: Medical-Surgical Nursing III 4 hrs
NURS 4450: Capstone: Leadership 6 hrs
Total 14 hrs
General Education Credit Hours 44 hrs
Non-nursing Hours 17 hrs
Major Credit Hours 60 hrs
Total Hours Required to Graduate 121 hrs


For details regarding the specific courses required in the curriculum, refer to the LaGrange College Bulletin or discuss with your advisor.

To be eligible for a degree, students must complete the required number of Cultural Engagement (CE) credits reflected in the Bulletin (40 credits for all first-year students), satisfy interim course requirements, and maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

Note: A student may be placed on probation or suspension, at the discretion of the VPAA, if they fail to successfully complete ENGL 1101 within the first 30 semester our of enrollment and/or if they fail to successfully complete one core mathematics course (MATH 1101 or higher) within the first 45 hours of enrollment at LaGrange College.

‡If exempt from Ethos courses, those four (4) hours are still required trough transfer credit or other College courses.

†May be substituted with higher-level course in placed in one.

**Course must be completed prior to beginning nursing program courses.