B.A. Music Education

Our Bachelor of Arts in Music Education offers not but also philosophy, the art of professional teaching, ethics and cultural responsiveness as well. As a Music Education candidate, you will complete field hours in diverse Elementary, Middle, and High School settings in both choral and instrumental music classrooms. As a Music Education candidate, you will spend your entire senior year working under the supervision of a master music teacher in a classroom setting.

This program of study prepares future music teachers in all areas - instrumental, choral, and general music - and also prepares students for continued study at the graduate level. Students seeking this degree generally possess considerable prerequisite musical skill and ensemble experience.

Candidates completing a B.A. in Music Education will:

  • develop a thorough understanding of the social, intellectual, physical, artistic, and emotional development of children;
  • identify the nature of learning and behaviors involving children;
  • construct a music curriculum appropriate to the needs of children;
  • utilize existing knowledge about parents and cultures in dealing effectively with children;
  • gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamental concepts of appropriate music discpilines and how to relate them to children;
  • identify and implement differentiated teaching strategies in lessons designed for music students in both choral and instrumental settings;
  • understand diagnostic tools and approaches for assessing students at all levels and how to remediate learning problems; and
  • develop their maximum potential through the provision of a succession of planned and guided experiences.

Program Requirements

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Program of Study - Music Education

Music Education Handbook