Stand out from the crowd

If you want to advance, you can’t stand still in today’s world. Stepping forward to earn more education can distinguish you from your peers—and make you more desirable in the workforce.

A professional certificate is one way to take that step.

Certificates are not full college degrees and only require completion of relevant courses. Offered online, a LaGrange College certificate can help to clear a pathway to a brighter future.

The Aging Studies Certificate is designed to offer training to those interested in pursuing careers related to serving the aging. Offered through the Sociology program, this certificate provides a working knowledge of critical issues facing an aging population.

Student learning objectives include:

  • Competency in the basic components and knowledge involving the services needed for an aging population in the U.S.
  • An understanding of the contemporary issues facing an aging population and the social issues involved
  • An awareness of global issues facing an aging population

Students must make a “C” or better in the following courses:

  1. SOCI 1000: Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours)
  2. SOCI 2500: Kinship and Family (3)
  3. SOCI 2250: Introduction to Gerontology (3)
  4. SOCI 2350: Death and Dying (3)
  5. SOCI 3450: Social Policy and Aging (3)

All courses are offered online.

Email for more information.

The Certificate in Business Essentials I is designed for non-degree seeking students who wish to enhance their current business skill set. It is composed of four courses:

  1. MGMT 2000: Introduction to Business and Online Learning (3 credit hours) or MGMT2200: Foundations in Business (3)
  2. MGMT 3370: Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
  3. MRKT 3380: Principles of Marketing (3) or ACCT 2200: Accounting for Decision Makers (3)
  4. MGMT 3385: Management Information Systems (3) 

Students must meet the minimum grade requirements and any prerequisites for these courses. All courses are offered online. 

Contact Dr. Lydia Rosencrants at for more information.

The LaGrange College online certificate in Organizational Leadership is designed for working professionals who want to develop competencies that will increase their value to their organizations, and prepare them for the next step in their careers. The certificate is composed of four courses:

  1. Foundations in Organizational Leadership
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. International Business
  4. Groups and High Performance Teams

More information can be found at