American Master's Programs in Europe

March 26, 2021
08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Cultural Enrichment

This virtual presentation is being hosted by the Office of Global Engagement and the Center for Leadership & Career Development and is available through Connect.

This webinar was organized by the American Universities Abroad (AUA), a group of private American universities located outside of the US. AUA Universities are US regionally accredited, non-profit institutions that operate on US academic credit systems. Some of the graduate programs they offer include business, art history, film, political science, counseling, marketing and sustainable cultural heritage.

During the presentation representatives from universities in Italy, the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France explore the benefits of combining the best qualities of an American liberal arts education with the international network and cultural heritage of major European cities. AUA institutions foster intellectual agility, tolerance, and intercultural understanding that is vital to today's interconnected world.

All members participate in US Federal Financial Aid along with institutional aid. AUA members encourage international perspectives and global education. Students attending AUA institutions engage in global issues, experimental learning, travel and cross-cultural exchange with an emphasis on global citizenship.

Contact information for each of the universities will be posted at the end of the video. If you have questions about attending these universities, please feel free to contact them directly or email Michele Raphoon in the Office of Global Engagement or Dr. Karen Pruett  or Jacob Wise in the Center for Leadership and Career Development.