Dual-Degree Engineering

Engineers are always in demand.  Virtually all companies require some form of engineering in order to keep operations running smoothly.  Engineers are sought after for their high proficiency for solving problems and their high level of technical skills.

LaGrange College has an engineering preparation program designed to provide a broad liberal arts background while preparing the student for a professional engineering program. Dual-Degree Engineering Programs have been established with Georgia Institute of Technology (GA Tech) and Auburn University. A student accepted in the Dual-Degree program will attend LaGrange College for approximately 3 years (90 semester hours if entering under this Bulletin) while he/she completes the Ethos requirements and the engineering preparatory courses listed at the end of this section. After satisfactorily completing these studies at LaGrange College, the student will then attend the engineering institution (GA Tech or Auburn) and complete a major in engineering, a process that generally takes 2 to 3 additional years. After completion of the degree requirements for both institutions, the student will receive an engineering degree in the selected engineering discipline from the engineering institution and a Bachelor of Arts degree from LaGrange College.  This well-rounded education consisting of liberal arts and engineering curricula is an attractive combination.

All students considering the Dual-Degree Engineering Program should contact the program coordinator, Dr. Kevin Ludwick, prior to registration. Students must complete all components of the Ethos Curriculum, including the College’s exit assessment exam, Cultural Enrichment requirements (modified to 30 CE events), and interim course requirements (modified to 3 interim courses) before transferring to the engineering institution. 

Majors and Minors

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Dual-Degree Engineering

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Last updated: 06/12/2020