Video of the Week

  • Jacob Krzysiak and Coral Douglas's Humans of LaGrange Jacob Krzysiak and Coral Douglas's "Humans of LaGrange"
    Humans of LaGrange began as a method of paying tribute to the people of Jacob Krzysiak's adopted city. Available on Facebook and Instagram, the feature uses photos, interviews and videos to highlight the area's everyday sense of community.

  • Animation: The art of bringing things to life Animation: The art of bringing things to life
    Professor Al Waller's animation courses teach the basics of turning stick figures into moving, emotive human beings with lives of their own.

  • DeAundra Green: DeAundra Green: "Love Me Like That"
    DeAundra Green, class of 2018, uses her Composition and Music Technologies degree to write and produce very personal songs about life and the lessons we all have to learn.

  • Summer Orientation 2018 begins June 7 Summer Orientation 2018 begins June 7
    Students who have registered online are invited to an overnight experience like no other on the LaGrange College campus. It's Summer Orientation 2018. Full details at

  • Phillip Truitt on Documentary Filmmaking Phillip Truitt on Documentary Filmmaking
    AAs an instructor in LaGrange's Digital Creative Media & Film program, Phillip Truitt mentor's a new generation of filmmakers. Outside class, In order to stay up to date on new technologies and techniques, he writes and produces very personal short films such as "River," a look at environmental sustainability on the Chattahoochee.

  • Dr. Maranah Sauter: Preparing future nurses Dr. Maranah Sauter: Preparing future nurses
    As the need for nurses in the health-care profession remains strong, Dr. Maranah Sauter and fellow nursing faculty are intensely preparing students for the inherent demands of the high-stakes career through the BSN program.

  • Meagan Thompson '16: Actor to Director Meagan Thompson '16: Actor to Director
    LaGrange College Musical Theatre alumnus Meagan Thompson talks about returning to Price Theater to direct the final stage production of the 2017-2018 season, SCENES & REVELATIONS.

  • Jessica Morgan: Eight Reasons I'm an Art Major Jessica Morgan: Eight Reasons I'm an Art Major
    For Art & Design major Jessica Morgan from LaGrange, Georgia, painting is more than creating images on canvas, it's a sort of therapy. “For me, art is a healthy way to conquer anything negative that could be weighing a person down. It’s a beautiful release.” Here, Jessica recounts eight reasons why she chose to study at LaGrange College.

  • Jan Term 2018: Jan Term 2018: "Business & Music in Central Europe"
    Business major Sarah Bearden and music major Jason Hermandez walk us through their Jan Term 2018 journey to study business and music in one of the most financially unique and musically important areas of the world.

  • Lydia Subat Lydia Subat: Back Stage at the Super Bowl
    Sports Management major Lydia Subat calls LaGrange College "a small school with big opportunities," not the least of which was the chance to work behind the scenes at Super Bowl LII.

  • Greek Challenge 2018 Greek Challenge 2018
    The Greek tradition at LaGrange College dates back over six decades, and has always been known for its generous fundraising activities. In that spirit, GREEK CHALLENGE 2018 seeks to underwrite student scholarships, travel vouchers and support the Servant Scholars program in its ongoing effort to aid local service organizations. Make a donation and put your fraternity or sorority over the top!

  • Susan Middlebrooks '94: A Career of Service Susan Middlebrooks '94: A Career of Service
    Susan Summerour Middlebrooks '94 only spent two years at LaGrange College, but those two years set her on a 21-year journey of service to the Troup County area.

  • Why I Love LaGrange College - Braxton Ford '17Braxton Ford: Mentors Matter
    To former LC basketball champ Braxton Ford '17, mentors matter. The learning relationships he experienced as a student-athlete helped him form the personal philosophy he employs today.

  • Bedroom Farce at Price TheaterBedroom Farce at Price Theater
    "Bedroom Farce," directed by Kim Barber Knoll, takes the Price Theater Main Stage February 28, March 1-3, 2018. Tickets: or phone (706) 880-8080.

  • Why I Love LaGrange College - Mike and Julia Barber '74Why I Love LaGrange College - Mike and Julia Barber '74
    Speaking from the heart, Mike and Julia Barber, who met at LaGrange College and today are generous supporters of the college's ongoing efforts to help students achieve their goals, talk about their years (1970-74) at LC.

  • 2018 Pay It Forward Campaign2018 Pay It Forward Campaign
    The Pay It Forward campaign is an opportunity for the Class of 2018 to show appreciation for their experiences at LaGrange College and leave a legacy for future Panthers. Please visit to make your gift today!

  • Shirley Franklin: The 2018 MLK Day AddressShirley Franklin: The 2018 MLK Day Address
    Shirley Franklin H’09, former mayor of Atlanta, delivered the 2018 Martin Luther King Jr. address at LaGrange College.

  • Logan Lanier - USA South Student Athlete of the YearLogan Lanier: USA South Student Athlete of the Year
    On January 13th, 2018, Commissioner Tom Hart of the USA South Athletic Conference awarded LC golfing champion Logan Lanier the Don Scalf Award, honoring him as the male Student Athlete of the Year.

  • Trinton Prater: LaGrange invites explorationTrinton Prater: "LaGrange invites exploration"
    "I'm going to do it all," declares award-winning musical theater major Trinton Prater. And given all the opportunities LaGrange College offers in and out of the classroom, he's well on his way.

  • Kayla White: Designing WomanKayla White: Designing Woman
    Graphic design major Kayla White heard all her life that you can't make any money as an artist, but she's out to prove that corporate logo design can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

  • Grace Neal: A Passion for People Grace Neal: A Passion for People
    LC sophomore Grace Neal has dedicated her future to wiping out disease and homelessness. She brought her passion for people to LaGrange, where a personalized team of mentors gave her the guidance and freedom to find not only a job, but a career. Not only a living, but a calling.

  • Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday at LaGrange College - November 28
    LaGrange College cares about supporting its students -- and, in turn, the greater community, with scholarships, travel vouchers and our Servant Scholars program. Give on Giving Tuesday by visiting

  • Dr. Toni AndersonDr. Toni Anderson on Musical Research
    Between 1871 and 1878, the Jubilee Singers presented concerts featuring the Negro spiritual that won the applause and admiration of the Western world. Dr. Toni Anderson, chair of the LaGrange College Music Department, chronicled the rise and renown of the original Fisk Jubilee Singers in her book ""Tell Them We Are Singing for Jesus". Just as fascinating as the history of this phenomenal Post Civil War ensemble is Dr. Anderson's telling of how her research led her to a long-lost treasure trove of historic letters, clippings and diary entries.

  • Anna MormanAnna Morman: Teaching in Thailand
    For Education major Anna Morman, spending 17 days teaching in the remote schools of Chiang Rai, Thailand, was more than just an eye-opening cultural journey. As she explains in this video, the trip answered some questions about becoming an educator.

  • Malcolm StephenMalcolm Stephen
    LaGrange, Georgia native Malcolm Stephen is one of the most versatile and talented Theatre Arts majors at LC. But unlike his peers who grew familiar with the program after enrolling, Malcolm was "drafted" onto the Price Theater stage at age 16 to fill an urgent need for an additional male singer/dancer. In this video, Malcolm recounts that experience and talks about working with other actors then and now.

  • Mariangela Vecchiarini Mariangela Vecchiarini
    "I truly, truly enjoy teaching and spending time with my students."


  • Melvin Hall Melvin Hall
    "My fundamental reason for teaching science is a passion for learning."


  • Beth Everett Beth Everett
    "I'm here to teach life and I get to do it through music."


  • William Yin William Yin
    "My journey as a servant leader, honestly, started with my parents."


  • Alvin Lingenfelter Alvin Lingenfelter
    "My journey as a servant leader, honestly, started with my parents."


  • Asti White Asti White
    Mission work is important to Asti White, but he understands that service-learning trips like his 2017 Jan Term journey to the Philippines benefit all involved. "We start out willing to give of ourselves. But in the end we realize that we've benefited as much as anyone in terms of understanding and sacrifice."

  • Elyse Barnett Elyse Barnett
    When Elyse Barnett, a Musical Theatre major from LaGrange, Georgia, auditioned at the Southeastern Theatre Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, she landed a professional musical theatre job for the summer. "If you can recognize and take advantage of those opportunities, then this is the college for you," she says. "Come here. Because you'll thrive. No matter who you are."

  • Emily Arnold Emily Arnold
    When senior education major Emily Arnold signed-up for a three week Jan Term experience working in the slums of Ahuachapán, El Salvador, she was immediately struck by the great beauty and deep need of the people there. In this video, Emily talks about how her limited Spanish could have been a problem in the classroom if not for a tiny native girl who decided that teacher needed an interpreter.

  • Jamal Shakir Jamal Shakir: A Future in Filmmaking
    Like many freshmen, Jamal Shakir did not arrive from Warner Robins, Georgia, with a clear choice of major. Playing defensive back for the Panthers and adjusting to college life kept him occupied. When time came to "declare," however, Professor John Lawrence took notice of Jamal's creativity as a photographer and suggested he investigate LaGrange's Digital Creative Media and Film degree by taking the DCM&F Media Production course during Jan Term 2017.

  • Matt Crawford Matt Crawford: New Opportunities in Science Research
    Senior biology major Matt Crawford from Thomasville, Georgia, calls LaGrange College’s new laboratory science building “43,000 square feet of opportunity.” The facility, devoted entirely to laboratories, houses state-of-the-art spaces for instruction in biology, ecology, anatomy/physiology, chemistry and immunology. After graduation, Matt plans to earn an advanced degree in veterinary medicine in order to follow in his father’s professional footsteps. “

  • Cassie Bates Cassie Bates: A heart for service
    Cassie Bates dreams of a career as a Marine Biology Conservationist. Her commitment to protecting nature parallels her desire to help people lead better, more productive lives. And that's why she applied to become a LaGrange College Servant Scholar. Each school year, 12 juniors and 12 seniors are chosen to live in the newly renovated Broad Street Apartments and dedicate themselves to the completion of more than 1800 hours of service with local organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity and the West Georgia Health Cancer Clinic. "I'm serving others," Cassie says, "and, in turn, I'm becoming a better person." more...

  • Tyler Martin Tyler Martin: “I want to teach where no one wants to teach.”
    Two years ago, when sophomore Tyler Martin first heard about Street Reach, a ministry to the underprivileged children of Memphis, Tennessee, she had reservations about stepping out of her comfort zone. “These were children like I’d never experienced before,” she says, describing the drug-fueled mean streets where she volunteered for two summers. Today, as a Young Childhood Education major at LaGrange College, Tyler views northern Memphis as both a mission field and a potential career opportunity. more...

  • Kelsey Seals Kelsey Seals: Making musical theatre magic
    Kelsey Seals, a junior Musical Theatre major from St. Petersburg, Florida, is the first to tell prospective students about the opportunities that LaGrange College offers musical theatre-minded freshmen. She auditioned for “A Chorus Line” just days after her arrival in 2014, landed a featured role, and then appeared in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that spring. Sophomore year she played Roxie Hart in “Chicago,” which led to her earning the part of The Witch in “Into the Woods” (“My favorite role – ever!”) Kelsey has been singing “since I was in diapers” and attended a fine arts high school, but gives credit for her accelerated growth as an actor/singer to her coaches and mentors at LC. “They inspire me.” she says, “Here, you learn from the best.”   more...

  • Michaela Keel Michaela Keel: "I'm with the band."
    Sophomore Michaela Keel is a natural at many things. As a middle school baseball pitcher, she struck out the boys and made them cry. When she went out for softball as an LC freshman, Coach Claybrook spied Michaela's natural ability and drafted her as varsity catcher. And when this Tallahassee, Florida native decided that she wanted to excel in music as a member of the college's newly-formed marching band, it was just a matter of adjusting her schedule and learning the tunes. "Band is a lot of work," she says. "Field rehearsals in the hot Georgia sun can seem endless, but it's ... sweating for a purpose. The rewards are worth it."

  • Kelsey Henderson Kelsey Henderson - Exploring Forensic Psychology
    When Kelsey Henderson came to LaGrange College, she found more than just an exciting place to learn and grow. She discovered the field of forensic psychology, which combines her double major in sociology and psychology with her interest in criminal law. As a unique combination of CSI team member and social worker, Kelsey plans to pursue a career dedicated to service.

  • Cory Aycock Cory Aycock - Helping new students feel welcome
    “I’m always communicating.” According to sophomore pre-med major Cory Aycock, that’s the key to being an effective member of the Summer Orientation Team. “A freshman’s first days on campus can be intimidating, even scary. New people, new campus, new culture. So, as an O-Team New Student Counselor, I talk, I listen, I offer advice sometimes. But I’m always communicating. That’s the best way I can make them feel welcome.”

  • Luke Norman Luke Norman - A future as a Physical Therapist
    An injury sent Luke Norman from the weight bench to the physical therapy table. Only then, as he began to recognize the full range of benefits that therapy had to offer, did he decide to major in Exercise Science-and apply to PT school after graduation.

  • Hope Sims Hope Sims: Becoming a better teacher-leader
    As a new teacher, Hope Sims ’13 decided to immediately pursue a master’s degree. Now, she’s working on her Education Specialist in Teacher Leadership. “Earning an Ed.S. will not only increase my salary,” she says, “it will prepare me with the skills to better serve my school, better mentor other teachers, and solve the kinds of problems a classroom teacher faces every day. LaGrange makes earning an advanced degree both convenient and rewarding.” Hope Sims ’13

  • Meagan Thompson Meagan Thompson: A career in comedy
    “When I grow up, I want to be Will Ferrell,” young Meagan Thompson told her fourth grade teacher. Now, as a senior Musical Theatre major, Meagan has a career-making opportunity before her. This summer she will participate in an intensive improv comedy workshop at Chicago's world-famous The Second City, whose alumni include such comedy icons as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Steve Carell. Thanks to four years at LaGrange, Meagan says she’s ready for the challenge.

  • Jasmine Farmer Jasmine Farmer: Choosing to become a nurse
    Jasmine Farmer '15 believes that she's made three good choices in her life: (1) She chose to attend LaGrange College, (2) she decided to study nursing, and (3) she chose to work with newborns at West Georgia Health. "Some of my patients are more agreeable than others," she says, "but mine is one of the first smiles they see."

  • Wesley Dismuke Wesley Dismuke: Focusing on the journey
    Wesley Dismuke chose LaGrange College because “here, it’s more about focusing on the journey than on the destination.” In that spirit, Wesley was instrumental in the formation of a Black Student Union whose mission is to prompt students of all races and faiths to discuss their journeys and share their dreams.

  • Ashlee Lanham Ashlee Lanham: Making a difference as a counselor
    When Ashlee Lanham became frustrated about choosing a career, she began looking for something fulfilling. What she found was a LaGrange College graduate program that would enhance her future and allow her to spend her days doing something truly satisfying.

  • Tylor Hepner Tylor Hepner: A strong, artistic passion to succeed
    Interested in art since a young boy, Tylor Hepner’s gifts as an artist have been discovered at LaGrange College. "Here, talented instructors coach you in the disciplines of expression," he says. "And you're surrounded by friends who have a strong passion to succeed." Recently, a Disney animator gave Tylor’s portfolio an enthusiastic review.

  • Ella Weymiller Ella Weymiller
    "There are so many exciting opportunities that one just leads to another and another," junior Psychological Sciences major Ella Weymiller tells prospective students during campus tours. And her personal list of activities reads like a college viewbook.

  • Larry Murdock Larry Murdock
    According to early childhood education major Larry Murdock, there's an acute demand for male educators who are willing to act as mentors, advocates and role models for  youth. And it begins in their kindergarten reading groups.

  • Lisa Gantt Lisa Gantt
    LC Admissions Counselor Lisa Gantt attended a two-year college and transferred to a four-year school, all the while working a full-time job. She learned the value of balancing her time through the use of a regular schedule, and passes along that advice to incoming freshmen.

  • Hank Barnes Hank Barnes
    Dual-degree engineering student Hank Barnes plans to spend next summer bicycling from Seattle to Washington, D.C. as part of Pi Kappa Phi's national charity event, The Ability Experience. How do you prepare for a 4000 mile ride, averaging 75 miles a day?

  • Katie Chancellor Katie Chancellor
    Katie Chancellor says she had an "a-ha" moment recently as she dangled off the cliff face of a mountain.

    The freshman from Augusta was participating in an Outward Bound trip as part of her involvement with the college's new Leaders Inspired for Tomorrow program. Before the start of fall semester, the 10 members of the inaugural LIFT class traveled to North Carolina for team-building exercises. Katie says it was a life-changing experience.

  • Daryn Thompson Daryn Thompson
    Psychological Science major Daryn Thompson respected his instructors, but did not begin to truly appreciate their wisdom, availability and council until he compared LaGrange to other schools.

  • Summer Vo Summer Vo
    When pre-nursing student Summer Vo heard about a Jan Term journey to Vietnam, she thought of her mother's family and their dramatic 1975 escape from war-torn Saigon. Both mother and daughter signed-up for the trip, which resulted in a bonding experience neither will ever forget.

  • Nicole Cato: Creating a Custom-fit Career Nicole Cato
    Nicole Cato witnessed an alarming hospital emergency room incident when she was a teen that set her on course to become a bilingual healthcare professional. Thanks to Interdisciplinary Studies at LaGrange College, ambitious students like Nicole are able to mix and match curriculums to suit their personal goals.

  • Chris Senn Chris Senn
    Sophomore Chris Senn is new to acting and the Theatre Arts production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is both his first lead role at LaGrange and his first Shakespeare play. He describes the experience as "a great responsibility."

  • Anna Leigh Howlington Philippines Trip 2015: A Preview
    A review of the Jan Term Philippines trip and a look toward what students can expect during the return in January, 2015. Includes a special appeal for school supplies that will be backpacked into the mountains for village schools.

  • Anna Leigh Howlington Anna Leigh Howington
    Junior music major Anna Leigh Howington celebrates the blessing of having a large, loving family that spends the holiday season together.

  • Jalen Butler Jalen Butler
    Most college students would consider tackling a double major while playing an intercollegiate sport to be a difficult task to juggle. But for LaGrange College junior Jalen Butler, it's not enough.

  • Anna Morman Anna Morman
    Early childhood Education major Anna Morman admits that, as a freshman, if her busy schedule didn't specifically call for some kind of physical activity, it often went ignored. Here, she recalls the day she decided to do something about it.

  • A Chorus Line: 'Singular Sensation' to kick off theater season A Chorus Line: 'Singular Sensation' to kick off theater season
    Professional singer-dancer-choreographer Tim Ellis '89 returns to Price Theater to stage the classic Broadway hit "A Chorus Line," opening October 16. The talented cast represents an assortment of majors, a local high school, and other LaGrange Theatre Arts/Music alumni. Box office opens October 6. (706) 880-8080.

  • Evening College Evening College
    Five former Evening College students address the question asked of every adult learner: Was it hard returning to school?  Their answers are both frank and revealing.

  • Jordan Johnson Jordan Johnson
    Ask senior Jordan Johnson which is more important – school or basketball – and he will hesitate for a second, then give a hearty laugh.

  • Alyese Wilkerson Alyese Wilkersonn
    Four years ago, Alyese Wilkerson wasn't planning to go to college, but now, the senior has completed vocal performance auditions and is waiting to hear back from her graduate school choices.

  • Patrick Reagan Patrick Reagan
    With all the bells and whistles in the LaGrange College Music Department recording studio, sophomore Patrick Reagan feels just like a kid at Christmas.

    As a high-school freshman, he used to record original acoustic guitar and vocals, sometimes with "some piano thrown in," he says. That almost seems archaic compared with what he uses now.

  • Kelly Moates Kelly Moates
    Junior Kelly Moates of Braselton thought he would major in biology and later work for a non-profit animal welfare organization. When he learned LaGrange College had a new Nonprofit Leadership degree, though, he knew it would fit his calling to serve even better.

  • Amber Holmes Amber Holmes
    Junior Amber Holmes found more than she bargained for when she began pursuing her love for mathematics at LaGrange College.

    She came to college thinking she would major in pre-medicine, but her mathematics professors helped her realize where her true passions lie.

  • Nikkovia Sweet Nikkovia Sweet
    When recent graduate Nikkovia Sweet began her Composition and Music Technologies studies at LaGrange College, she knew she had a lot to learn.

  • Blakeley Coull Blakeley Coull
    As a high school senior, Blakeley Coull of Columbus wasn't planning on going to college so close to home.

  • Kayla Cline Kayla Cline
    When LaGrange College senior math major Kayla Cline accepted a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) position at North Carolina State University this past summer, she didn't realize she would be the only one out of the 40 students there who had taken a MATLAB course to prepare her for what was ahead.

  • Leah Foster Leah Foster
    When Leah Foster was young, she and her father often went outside and looked up at the stars. Their time together made her see the world more deeply, and those moments under the night sky have helped her learn to build her faith and defined the person she has become today.

    more ...

  • Abby Stuckey Abby Stuckey
    If there is one thing Abby Stuckey knows and loves, it is service.

    Abby Stuckey The sophomore from Dalton says helping others is something she learned from an early age.

    more ...

  • Joshua Daniel Joshua Daniel
    Sophomore Joshua Daniel has more than memories from his Jan Term trip to the Philippines – he also has a godson.

  • The religion and philosophy major from Franklin said he had some expectations of what he would gain during his time in the Philippines, but he got a whole lot more.

  • Jasmine Farmer, Conrad Clevenger Jasmine Farmer, Conrad Clevenger
    LaGrange College seniors Jasmine Farmer and Conrad Clevenger traveled with 17 fellow students and four professors in January on a 16-day service and sustainability trip to the Philippines, where they expected to teach and serve in the impoverished slum areas of Manila, in a local orphanage and at a hospital.

  • Nathan Swanson Nathan Swanson
    With almost 20 years experience in corporate sales and marketing, Nathan Swanson made a life-changing decision in his mid-30s to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from LaGrange College.

  • Marquius Young Marquius Young
    For Marquius Young, it was all about the suit.

    "As a young guy, I always admired the men I'd see on television who were wearing business suits. I liked the whole appeal of wearing a suit and feeling like someone. I wanted to be someone."

  • Donicia Blanton Donicia Blanton
    Donicia Blanton was offered a full scholarship to Smith College in her home state of Massachusetts, but when she visited LaGrange College during Presidential Scholars Weekend, she was drawn in by the Southern hospitality, the beauty of the campus and the quality of its science programs.

  • Meabh Carlin Meabh Carlin
    Meabh Carlin knows firsthand the healing power of God.

    Meabh (pronounced Maeve) is an international student from Craigavon, Northern Ireland. In August 2011, she was attending a World Youth Day in Madrid when she was hit by a taxi and suffered severe injuries to her pelvis, groin, knees, heels and spine.

  • Sarah Gordon Sarah Gordon
    One of her art teachers long ago told Sarah Gordon that "learning to paint is like learning to see again."

    Sarah never knew what she meant until she got older, and now, as a senior in college, she can apply the sentiment to her experiences at LaGrange College.

  • Chandelle Ulmer Chandelle Ulmer
    Chandelle Ulmer, a sophomore exercise science major from Locust Grove, believes passionately in sustainability.

    "In the Bible, we're told to be good stewards of everything, because everything is a gift from God, a blessing," she says.

  • Freddie Wolford Freddie Wolford
    Senior Freddie Wolford likes numbers.

    The senior accounting major from Acworth says he's always been fascinated by math.

    "You know when you're in elementary school and they ask you what your favorite subject is or what you enjoy in school? My answer was always math."

  • Andre Carter Andre Carter
    Andre Carter is making his mark on the football field, racking up national and conference accolades.

    As a linebacker for the Panthers , Andre holds several school records and is closing in on the LC career record for tackles. An All-American, he receives weekly and season honors. His fumble recovery resulting in a touchdown was named the USA South Athletic Conference's Play of the Week for Oct. 30.  more...

  • Jalen Smith Jalen Smith
    "It's the opposite of what you might think," says freshman and LaGrange native Jalen Smith when asked about growing up with LaGrange College in his backyard. "LC was always here, but I didn't know much about it until I was a junior in high school, when our choral director at LaGrange High (and LC Theater Arts alumni '06) Katie Westbrook brought a bunch of us to see plays at Price Theatre."

  • Lauren Brandner Lauren Brandner
    Ever since Lauren Brandner saw the births of her two younger siblings, she's wanted to be a midwife. As a sophomore, she's now working toward that goal as she heads into LaGrange College's Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

  • Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez
    When Alex Rodriguez watches a TV show or film, chances are his focus isn't on the plot. Instead, he is listening to the music.

    Alex, a junior Music Composition and Technologies major, started writing hip-hop music at 14 with "some really bad music software." By 18, he moved to film scoring.

  • Nikki Stone Nikki Stone
    Nikki Stone gets chill bumps when she talks about her love of theater.

    "It's in my blood," she says. "My mother was a theater major when she was in college, before she switched to psychology to become a social worker, but she would always tell me about her experiences with theater. I grew up hearing her stories."

  • Alex Blount Alex Blount
    After a missions trip this summer, LaGrange College senior Alex Blount has about 75 new friends on the other side of the world.

    Alex traveled to Mahasarakham, Thailand, to teach English through Baptist Collegiate Ministries with three other BCM students from Georgia College & State University, Valdosta State University and North Georgia College & State University. Other Georgia BCM students traveled to Russia and California.

  • Lou and Joey Hennesy Lou and Joey Hennesy
    From the time Laura Hennesy, class of 2012, was old enough to watch musicals like "Mary Poppins" and "The Wizard of Oz" on television, she would sing and dance around the house, says her mom, Lou Hennesy.

    As a child, Laura had small parts in community theatre and church productions. Before reaching her teenage years, she begged her parents to try out for her local high school's production of "The Wizard of Oz."

  • Brent Kinsey Brent Kinsey
    For Brent Kinsey '13, LaGrange College offered exactly what he needed to be accepted into the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia this fall.

    "Over the past three years, in particular, I've had several professors in the Biology and Chemistry departments who have been inspiring," he says. "They all have a way of bringing something special to the classroom and really invoking you to want to do your best." more...

  • Paul Smart Paul Smart
    The last thing Paul Smart of Ireland expected to find at LaGrange College was a second family.

    Make that 26 new brothers, several little sisters and even a few surrogate parents along the way. And it all started on a whim.

  • Hannah Lancaster Hannah Lancaster
    Because every LaGrange College Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate in the past four years has passed the national licensing exam on the first try—a feat almost unheard of at colleges and universities—this year's class had an intense motivation to succeed, says Hannah Reeves Lancaster '13.

  • Sarah Carter Sarah Carter
    For Sarah Carter '13, life is all about helping others.

    She says her time at LaGrange College helped her develop that passion and prepared her for a life of service.

    "I started with the Servant Fellows program led by the Rev. Quincy Brown (Vice President for Spiritual Life and Church Relations) when I was a sophomore," she says. "His motto is 'See a need, fill a need.' We learned to lead by serving others."   more...

  • Hannah Sharp Hannah Sharp
    Hannah Sharp, an exchange student from England, had always heard about Southern hospitality, but faced a dilemma when she experienced it for the first time.

    "I wasn't entirely sure how to respond to people I didn't know who greeted me on the street," she says. "They'd say 'Hello, how are you?' when they were about level with me, but when I went to reply, they'd already be past. Do I carry on the conversation, even while we're walking away from each other? That took some getting used to."

  • Taressa Thompson Taressa Thompson
    There was a time in Taressa Thompson's life that she thought she might be earning her college degree "at 80, holding a cane."

    "I knew education was important, but at times having a family and trying to have a career while going to school was all just too much," Taressa said. "My family ended up overriding my education. I stopped and started, stopped and started, and thought I'd never finish school."

  • Taylor Baldwin Taylor Baldwin
    As one of five children in her family, Taylor Baldwin has learned to rely on herself, a quality that has served her well.

    "It's the five of us and my mom," says Taylor, a 2013 LaGrange College graduate from Woodstock. "She has her hands full, so we've all had to learn to be independent. If we want something, we're driven to do it ourselves."

  • Brian Kempson Brian Kempson
    Brian Kempson of Manchester got his first drum set when he was 1, and he's been drumming ever since.

    "I was always beating on pots and pans – anything I could get my hands on," he says. "My dad decided it would be better if I had real drums to beat on."

  • Felipe Vega Felipe Vega
    Felipe Vega had just finished his last English final his freshman year at LaGrange College when he learned his stepfather had been laid off from his job. Hoping to make up the shortfall, Felipe worked a summer job and optimistically returned for football camp just three weeks before fall classes started his sophomore year.

    But then he got the call: He owed too much and wouldn't be able to start back to school.

  • Nicole Burns Nicole Burns
    Wherever Nicole Burns goes, her camera normally travels with her.

    "Photography is about having an eye for seeing beauty," says the senior art and design major from LaGrange. "I usually photograph the abstract, the things that you wouldn't necessarily see as beautiful at first, and then I try to make it beautiful by taking a photograph of it."

  • Kristoffer Appel Kristoffer Appel
    After completing a yearlong international scholarship at LaGrange College, Denmark native Kristoffer Appel couldn't think of leaving.

    "I'm majoring in music and vocal performance because I plan to be an opera singer one day," he says.

    Singing opera is a long way from where he started.

  • Patrick Reynolds Patrick Reynolds
    Every weekday for three to four hours, sophomore Patrick Reynolds is fondly known as "Mr. Patrick."

    The early childhood education major from Toomsboro works with elementary-age boys at the local Boys and Girls Club of West Georgia, where he tutors, listens and plays with the eager young faces who look up to him.

  • Heather Miller Heather Miller
    For someone who wasn't even sure she wanted to play basketball in college, senior Heather Miller has made an indelible mark on the college's record books.

    The Sarasota, Fla., native ended her final year as a Panther by being named to the USA South All-Conference Team and was the second-highest scorer in the conference. She led her team in scoring and set a new single-season record with 87 steals and 18.5 points averaged per game. She has 1,545 career points and 194 career 3-point shots.

  • Cameron Johnson Cameron Johnson
    "In the classroom, I'm able to dance and teach with enthusiasm, stand on tables, make students move around and have energy themselves," says Cameron, a graduate education student in curriculum and instruction. "It's important for them to believe in themselves at such a young age. I didn't necessarily have that; I loved learning, but I didn't like school. I want to make it for them the way I wish it had been for me."

  • Leslie Rhoades Leslie Rhoades
    The mention of Hawaii usually conjures up images of beautiful beaches, lush greenery and hula dancing. But for junior Leslie Rhoades, Hawaii is a reminder that homelessness is an issue that lives in even the most exotic places.

    "People visit Hawaii wanting to relax and have leisure time," says the junior Spanish and accounting major from Augusta. "They don't want reality shoved at them whenever they go on vacation. But homelessness is a very real problem in Hawaii."

  • Joanna Meyer Joanna Meyer
    Sometimes the greatest growth comes from conquering one's fears.

    One of the first things senior Joanna Meyer did as a freshman performing arts student was to confide in Nate Tomsheck, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts. He also serves as technical designer, overseeing sets, scenery and lighting.

    Madison Barker
    Madison Barker
    When Madison Barker signed up for a Jan Term class about philanthropy, she had no idea what was in store for her.

  • "Basically, I took it because my best friend was taking it," she says. "The only thing I knew about philanthropy was what I'd hear from the fraternities and sororities. I knew nothing about it, that it was about charity, nothing like that."

  • Knox Robinson Knox Robinson
    Four years ago, Knox Robinson was on a family vacation to Washington, D.C. On the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, he told his dad he had a strong urge to study or work in the nation's capital one day.

    But first, he wanted to go to college and play football.

  • Kenrick Hutson Kenrick Hutson
    Kenrick Hutson came to LaGrange College almost four years ago to become an accountant, not realizing he'd pick up a college career in basketball along the way.

    "I never touched a basketball until ninth grade, and I didn't play high school basketball," Kenrick says. "Actually, LaGrange is the first team I played for."

  • Kiah Britton Kiah Britton
    Kiah Britton lived all over the country growing up because of her father's job, but it was the two years she spent in the Bahamas in high school that changed her life.

    "I've always had a passion for helping other people," she says. "But living in the Bahamas really made me aware of Third World countries and those who are less fortunate. I've always wanted to deliver babies, so that is why I decided to become an OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) and serve in a Third World country."

  • Blake Shuler Austin Burns
    Relatives of Austin Burns recall how much they enjoyed him standing on the fireplace hearth at Christmas to give impromptu performances when he was young. He sang and acted on stage through high school.

    When he came to LaGrange College as a freshman, he thought he would lean toward composing pop music. But now, as a senior double major in composition and vocal performance, he is just as surprised as anyone that he wants to become an opera singer.

  • Blake Shuler Blake Shuler
    For junior Blake Shuler, time management has been the key to college success as he balances academics with being on the swim team. And running cross-country. And working on- and off-stage in the theatre program. And serving as a local Methodist youth minister.

  • Ellen Morris-White Ellen Morris-White
    Ellen Morris-White drives to LaGrange College 47 miles one-way three or four times a week to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, passing by several colleges and universities that offer a four-year nursing program along the way.

    It's a sacrifice she doesn't mind one bit.

  • Danielle Newbern Danielle Newbern
    Softball player Danielle Newbern says being a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at LaGrange has been a blessing.

    "It's a chance to be with other people who are going through the same things I am," she says. "But it's not just for student-athletes – it's for everyone. We have people who used to play sports and those who haven't played sports at all, but we are all there for each other."

  • Morgan Habbison Morgan Habbison
    Homecoming Queen Morgan Habbison loves LaGrange College, but she's also ready to explore the world.

    "I'd like to go to grad school overseas, and right now I'm looking at London," says the senior art and design major from Fayetteville. "Or I may find somewhere to work overseas, possibly in advertising. I want to branch out from America; I feel like going abroad will challenge me a lot." more...

  • Mark Wagner Mark Wagner
    Mark Wagner, a guard for the Panther basketball team, has been playing basketball since he was 2 years old, shooting hoops with his big brother on the back porch of their Cape Coral, Fla., home.

    "I've always loved basketball," the first-year student says. "It's all I've ever wanted to do."

  • Hafner Buchanan Hafner Buchanan
    Hafner Buchanan's mother, brother and sister all graduated from LaGrange College, and now the senior English major is making her own mark on the Hill.

    "Most of my friends may not realize that when I came here I was pretty shy," Hafner says. "When I first got here, I pretty much kept to myself. Now they say, 'Oh my gosh, here comes Hafner. I hear her.'"

  • Tiffany Dillard Tiffany Dillard
    Senior Tiffany Dillard has a heart for Latin America.

    The Peachtree City native was drawn toward the Spanish language when her third-grade teacher shared it with her. By sixth grade, she took a Spanish class.

    Many Spanish classes later, she had the opportunity to go with her church, Peachtree City Christian, to Guatemala this past summer to build homes for three underprivileged families. more...

  • Lawrence West Lawrence West
    Lawrence West, a freshman music and theater student from Austin, Texas, says if you had told him a year ago that he would be going to college in Georgia, he would have laughed at you.

    "I hadn't even heard of LaGrange College," he laughs.

    That all changed when he learned a woman in his home church has a LaGrange connection.  more...

  • Rose Noel Rose Noel
    In high school Rose Noel wanted to be a pediatrician, but she now has her heart set on becoming a pediatric nurse so she can more involved in the daily direct care of patients.

    "I really would like to work in a NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) and do whatever I can to make my patients more comfortable," says the senior nursing major from Powder Springs. "Not only is that what you normally expect from nursing care, but it's playing games, doing puppets, all while carrying out doctor's orders, to make a patient feel at ease."   more...

  • Cody King Cody King
    Cody King began his college career on the Hill in 2011 brimming with excitement for what the future might bring. 

    "I knew that LaGrange was the place for me. Although the courses were demanding, that's what I needed because I want to be a veterinarian. I was ready for the challenge." 
    But he wasn't ready for what happened next. 


  • Ben MacMinn Ben MacMinn
    Ben MacMinn attended a large state university before coming to LaGrange College, and he says that hands down, he knows which of the two environments helped him succeed.

    "I started five years ago at a local state school," says the senior religion and philosophy major. "I wasn't doing my best. I was distracted, I was less than apathetic, and my grades showed it."


  • Madison Wilson Madison Wilson
    Madison Wilson '13 always knew she wanted to be in a sorority. What she couldn't imagine were the opportunities being a Greek would afford her, and how it would change her life.  

    Madison is from Griffin, Ga., where her father serves as county manager. While she was growing up, her mother worked for Griffin's Downtown Development Authority, so Madison learned the importance of public service at an early age.

    Shelby Stephen Shelby Stephen
    Though college is usually the time students discover where their passions lie, freshman Shelby Stephen came to LaGrange College knowing exactly what she wants to do.

    "Of all the things I've ever done, art's always been the most important," Shelby says.

  • more...

  • Kalil Diawara Kalil Diawara
    Most of the students who graduated high school with Kalil Diawara in St. Augustine, Fla., are attending a small community college near there this fall.

    "That's where everybody goes," he says. "But I didn't want to be 'everybody.'"

    Instead, he chose LaGrange College and learned at Orientation in June that it's the right place for him.

  • Mary Hannah Robertson Mary Hannah Robertson
    When Mary Hannah Robertson graduated from Hillgrove High School in Marietta in 2010, she had no idea what was next.

    "I wasn't really focused on going anywhere," she says. "I had kind of hoped to play soccer in college, but I had just torn my second ACL. When you tear two consecutive ACLs, soccer is usually out."

  • Daniel Martiny Daniel Martiny
    Daniel Martiny's job promotion is proof that having a college degree can make a profound difference.

    Daniel is the new operations manager for Roswell-based Single Source Inc., a leading supplier of automotive painting. Single Source, which has 37 stores across 15 states, promoted Daniel to the position after he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration at LaGrange College in May.

  • Toni Wolfe Orientation: Easing freshman jitters
    The thought of leaving family and high school friends to go to college can be nerve-wracking, but LaGrange College's upcoming summer two-day Orientation sessions are designed to ease those jitters—for both incoming freshmen and their parents.

    Those interested in attending LaGrange still have time to sign up for the overnight Orientation sessions, which will be held Thursday and Friday, July 12–13, and Thursday and Friday, August 16–17.

  • Toni Wolfe Toni Wolfe
    The unthinkable happened to Toni Wolfe when she was 10, but she hasn't let difficult life circumstances stand in the way of ministering to others and fulfilling her dream of becoming a college religion professor.

    Toni, 49, earned her bachelor's degree in religion in May from LaGrange College and now is heading home to Indiana, where she will pursue a Master of Arts degree in Biblical studies from Asbury Theological Seminary.

    Devin James Devin James
    Senior Devin James never considered himself much of a scholar.

    "I wasn't that big into academics in high school and didn't have that great of a GPA," he said. "I just didn't have much that interested me."

    That all changed when he arrived on the Hill.

    Josh Cash Josh Cash
    He played football, baseball, competitive paintball on the national level, and raced motocross when he was young, and inevitably found himself with broken bones in a certain orthopedic clinic in Newnan. He not only came away with several casts, but with a newfound friendship with his doctor and a keen interest in orthopedics.

    Matt Karr Matt Karr
    Though Matt Karr was born and raised in LaGrange, his heart is in South America. He left it there during a recent mission trip to Ecuador, a both perfect place for him to minister to the people there because of his intense interest in Spanish culture. And after he graduates with an early childhood education degree May 19, he will return to Ecuador for a year to pursue his passion for teaching.

  • Jake Adcock Jake Adcock
    When Jake Adcock first began a research project in his toxicology class on the effects of a certain insecticide on a tiny worm found in healthy soil, he and his lab partner never thought they'd get the hang of transferring the little creatures onto a microscope slide.

    "The first time it took us four hours to transfer five worms onto our slides," says Jake, a junior biology/biochemistry major from Auburn. "We finally were able to transfer 15 worms in 20 minutes. At first we'd accidentally slice their heads off or stab them."

  • James Hall James Hall
    After two serious shoulder injuries on the field, LaGrange College baseball player James Hall had a lot of people helping him work toward his recovery—surgeons, an athletic trainer, his parents, coaches and teammates.

    But ultimately, it was up to James alone to determine if he had the strength, perseverance and mental toughness to work through two major physical setbacks.

  • Meldra Hall Meldra Hall
    Meldra Hall says the most important thing she learned during her Jan Term internship with LaGrange cardiologist Dr. Robert Copeland had nothing to do with medical theory.

    "Being a physician requires understanding what exactly is wrong with a patient, not necessarily ordering a lot of drugs and saying, 'Here, let's see if this works.' Dr. Copeland took a lot of time to figure out the symptoms so he could have the best diagnosis.

  • Micah Prescott Micah Prescott
    Micah Prescott not only marches to the beat of another drummer, he IS that other drummer.

    Micah, a sophomore from Newnan, is studying composition and music technology in addition to percussion performance – and he loves every minute of it.


  • Latisha Gilliam Latisha Gilliam
    Latisha Gilliam never imagined when she began college that she would one day study photography in Europe.

    But that's exactly what the senior nursing major did this past January as she and two other nursing majors put down their medical textbooks and experienced Greece through a camera lens.

  • Alex Henderson Alex Henderson
    Alex Henderson has known for a long time what he wanted to do, and he didn't have to look far for his inspiration.

    "My father has always owned his own business," says Alex, a senior business management major and entrepreneurship minor. "I watched how he dealt with employees and customers, and I knew I wanted to do that, too."

  • Hill Daniel Hill Daniel
    Junior Hill Daniel's future is in psychology, but not in a "talk-to-me-about-your-problems" sort of way.

    "I'm not interested as much in the clinical side of things; it's more the theory I'm leaning toward," the psychology major said. "I've thought about becoming a high school AP psychology teacher because I like being able to take what I know and help other people understand it."

  • Sarah Gobin Sarah Gobin
    Sarah Gobin, a senior biochemistry and pre-pharmacy major, has been around science her entire life. Her mother is a physician, and Sarah is a self-proclaimed "science nerd."

    "Ever since I was young, I wanted to be in the science field, whether it was as a marine biologist or whatever," she says.

  • D.J. Grooms D.J. Grooms
    On a chilly day in January, D.J. Grooms stood on a mountainside in Greece and marveled at where he was.

    He and a friend were climbing to visit the ancient theater at Delphi, and decided to take a break.

  • Stephanie Fowler Stephanie Fowler
    Stephanie Fowler hiked mountains and volcanoes, encountered a shark while snorkeling, and slept aboard a yacht for seven nights during her recent LaGrange College study-away trip to the Galápagos Islands.

  • Matthew HokansonMatthew Hokanson
    It's January at LaGrange College, and that means chemistry major Matthew Hokanson is taking advantage of an intensive one-month class called "Water Wars" that studies the water-resource debate between Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

  • Cantrell Maclin Catrell Maclin
    Catrell Maclin may only be a freshman, but he already has mapped out his future after he graduates from LaGrange College.

    He will be following in the footsteps of his dad, Corey Maclin, who is a television sports broadcaster in the Memphis, Tenn., area.

  • Felipe Vega
    Felipe Vega is the ultimate time juggler, managing a demanding class load with sports and leadership roles on campus.

  • Trae LongTrae Long
    Trae Long likes rules and order – a trait that serves him well as an accountancy major and president of the college's Honor Council.

    "I've always liked math," the senior from LaGrange says with a smile. "It was my favorite subject, so accounting is a simple step from that."

  • Isaiah WhitfieldIsaiah Whitfield
    Although LaGrange native Isaiah Whitfield hasn't ventured far from home for his education, he says LaGrange College offers him the best of both worlds.

    "I wanted to stay close to home but also I wanted to have a more personalized education. The professors here are amazing, and I've loved every minute."

  • Jeff AndersonJeff Anderson
    When Jeff Anderson decided he wanted to become a teacher, he knew exactly where he wanted to get his degree.

    "I've heard great things about the education department here," he says. "I knew a lot of people who graduated from LaGrange, and they are great teachers. So I decided this was where I wanted to be."


    Shari GarrettShari Garrett
    When Shari Garrett, a junior from Hinesville, Ga., chose where she'd go to college, she let her head rule her decision. But her heart for music was not to be denied.

    "Originally I went to Berry College, where I was studying psychology," she says.


  • Turquoise MannTurquoise Mann
    Senior biology major Turquoise Mann hopes to pursue a career in medicine to help the youngest cancer patients.

    As a child, she knew she wanted to be doctor.

    "I've never had any other career path. This is it for me," she says.


    Steven PorrelloSteven Porrello
    After completing his first year at LaGrange, sophomore Steven Porrello has a bold vision for the future. He plans to earn degrees in religion and mathematics, with minors in English and physics.

    "I want to work hard because God never stops working for me; he never stops pursuing me."

    Katie HeinKatie Hein
    Katie Hein says years of playing softball helped prepare her for a future career. as a physical therapist

    "I know all about getting hurt," she says with a laugh. "I'm good at that


    Jamaica ThomasJamaica Thomas
    Jamaica Thomas is positively giddy about undergraduate research. And, the junior political science major from Jonesboro, Ga., isn't satisfied until she's done her detective work.

    "I want to go to law school," she says. "That's been my dream since I was in elementary school."

  • Kathryn SchroederKathryn Schroeder
    Art has been a part of Kathryn Schroeder's life for as long as she can remember.

    "My mom was an art history major," says the senior from Grayson, Ga. "Since I was young, my parents would take me to museums and fostered my love of art. When I was in the fourth grade we visited the Art Institute of Chicago, and I told my parents that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."

    Taylor RayTaylor Ray
    Biology major, undergraduate researcher and Eagle Scout Taylor Ray aims to improve others' lives.
    A sophomore from Newnan, Ga., Taylor has set his sights on a career as an orthodontist.

    "In my life, I have always loved to help people.


    Matt MayfieldMatt Mayfield
    Boyhood dreams and a college internship ignited Matt Mayfield's desire to pursue a career in law enforcement.

    A junior sociology major, he recently completed a six-month stint as an intern with the LaGrange Police Department .

    Stephanie Rojas

  • Stephanie Rojas

    It was love at first sight for Stephanie Rojas.

    When she was awarded a full-ride scholarship from a foundation in her home country of Costa Rica, she was given a list of five colleges in the United States where she could study. She went online to check them out.


  • Lauren GledhillLauren Gledhill
    Junior psychology major Lauren Gledhill's gift of leadership inspires a campus and a community.

    As Vice President of Service for the Student Government Association, she plans and organizes regular student service projects.