PACE – Panther Academic Center for Excellence

College isn’t meant to be a solo ride. Sometimes, reaching your goal demands that you get extra help – expert coaching outside of class from faculty and staff who feel like family. At the PACE Center, you’ll discover a network of mentors willing and able to provide free academic support services such as:

  • Faculty Led Study Halls
    Need a quiet place to study where knowledgeable help is immediately available? PACE offers weekly study halls in Math, Science, English and other subjects, all free and all staffed by LaGrange faculty. Dates and times vary each semester. Check the LC website calendar, email or call 706-880-8652 for a current schedule.
  • Academic Coaching
    Every afternoon Monday-Thursday, between the hours of 1-4pm, PACE Academic Coaches meet with students to explore new academic paths, set goals, work on time management or plan successful study strategies. Walk-ins are welcome or schedule an appointment by emailing, or calling 706-880-8652. Faculty members are invited to recommend students for academic coaching via DropGuard or by contacting the PACE office.
  • Dedicated Space for Testing, Development and Cornerstone Activities
    • PACE houses an accommodation facility for private and/or extended testing. Contact the Testing Center at (LINK) to set up an area. Click here for more about Accommodation Testing Procedure.
    • Dedicated meeting spaces are available where faculty and staff may share and explore ideas or plan developmental activities.
    • Space can also be reserved by Cornerstone activity groups by emailing or calling 706-880-8652.

Direct Links to PACE Resources

Tutoring Center
Writing Center
Counseling Center
Library Resource Center

PACE – Panther Academic Center for Excellence

1st Floor – Callaway Academic Building
Dr. Maranah Sauter – Interim Director
Lauren L. Hill – Coordinator