All Four Years And Beyond

You control your career destiny. Don't wait until your senior year!
Wherever you are in your academic career – freshmen through career changers – we are here to help you navigate your way.  From choosing a major to exploring different career options to finding internships to looking for part-time and full-time employment to preparing for graduate, law, or medical school, we have the resources to help chart your course!

Choosing a Major:

  • Think of choosing a major as a journey. Come to the Career Center, take the TYPEFOCUS inventory test, talk to one of the Career Center staff members; we are here to assist you on your journey!
  • Take advantage of:
    • Your college's course catalog: You will be amazed at the wealth of information you can find here!
    • Your professors: Our caring professors, including your academic advisors, are here to talk with you about the majors in which they teach. All have worked in their field, and all are experts about careers and career opportunities.
    • Your classmates, especially upperclassmen: These are the people who are deep into their major, perhaps already having had an internship or gone through job interviews.
    • Your family and friends: There's a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Next time you go home or call home, ask your family and friends of the family about majors and careers.
    • Your college's Career Development Center : It is never too early or too late to visit the CDC!  There are plenty of resources for choosing a major and a career as well as internship and job information.

Check List for Students:

First Year Students:

  • Concentrate on learning how to study, write papers, take tests, and manage your time in order to become a successful student.
  • Make an appointment with the a Career Center staff member to discuss your passions, aspirations, and career potential.
  • Register on the Panther Job Board
  • Get involved in campus activities that match your interests.
  • Begin early. Start making contacts and developing your résumé NOW.  This will help you land a good summer job and/or internship at the end of your freshman year.
  • Start collecting information about jobs and careers that interest you.


  • Volunteer for jobs or positions in campus organizations to help you get experience.
  • Attend the Graduate School Fair.
  • Participate in an internship during the summer to help you decide on a career path.
  • Look for part-time or summer jobs that can provide work experience.
  • Start thinking of people whom you can trust to give you a positive reference.
  • Consider potential internships during your junior or senior year.


  • If you have not decided on a major, make an appointment with the Director of Career Development immediately upon returning in the fall semester.
  • Consider graduate study.  Is it necessary or appropriate for your field of choice?
  • Research graduate programs in your field.
  • Prepare to take tests for graduate school admission.
  • Get help in preparing a professional résumé from the Career Development Center.
  • Submit a copy to the Career Development Center.
  • Begin to build a network of contacts in your field.
  • Attend the Etiquette Dinner, ‘The Art of Cross Cultural Business Dining.'
  • Research potential employers and workplaces.
  • Attend the Graduate School Fair and Career Development Center sponsored career fairs in Atlanta.
  • Participate in an internship.


  • Make certain your applications for graduate schools are complete by the end of October, especially if you are interested in a teaching assistantship or other financial aid.
  • Mail your graduate school applications by the end of November, even if the school's deadline is months away.
  • Attend career fairs in your field to meet potential employers.
  • Attend the Etiquette Dinner, ‘The Art of Cross Cultural Business Dining.'
  • Invest in proper interview clothing.
  • Participate in a mock interview.
  • Schedule interviews with prospective employers.
  • Keep a record of where you have sent your résumé and with whom you have made contact for employment.
  • Stay in touch with the Career Development Center for leads on potential employment.

Highlight of what the Career Center Offers:
  • On-Campus Recruitment Days
  • Off-Campus Career Fairs in Atlanta
  • Dining Etiquette Training
  • Résumé Proofing
  • Graduate School Application Proofing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Graduate School Fair
  • Graduate School Practice Tests and Study Guides
  • Informational Interviews
  • Speakers from Companies/Organizations

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