Stephanie Rojas

Home away from home
It was love at first sight for Stephanie Rojas.

When she was awarded a full-ride scholarship from a foundation in her home country of Costa Rica, she was given a list of five colleges in the United States where she could study. She went online to check them out.

“I don’t know exactly what it was, but the second I saw the LaGrange College website, I just fell in love with the school and knew it was where I wanted to be,” she says.

The sophomore business management major thinks it may have been the size of the campus that appealed to her.
“I’m from a very small town called Tamarindo in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica,” she says. “My high school was very small, and I knew I’d get lost at a big college. This was the perfect place for me.”

Stephanie says she feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to study in the States.

“At the time, my family couldn’t afford to send me to college,” she says. “I applied for the scholarship when I was a senior and was so excited when I got accepted. I am very grateful.”

Immediately after being notified of the scholarship, the foundation began sending her to English class.

 “I barely knew how to say wall, door and window, and I never knew how to put sentences together,” she says with a laugh. “I’m glad I took those classes.”

Stephanie says she was nervous and scared when she first stepped on the campus.

“All the professors were so nice and everybody was so welcoming. I’m glad I came to the South because everyone said hello and I was able to make a lot of friends. They helped me out.”

Although her immediate family, consisting of her parents and older brother Christopher, is small, Stephanie says she has a large extended family.

“My mom has 12 brothers and sisters, and so does my dad, so when we get together, it’s this huge group. I’m used to a big family so now that I’m here by myself, it’s nice to have friends who can take that space in my life that my family has back home.”

She’s also grateful for an opportunity offered to her by Dr. Laine Scott, Writing and Tutoring Center Director.
“She asked me if I’d be a Spanish tutor. It’s really good to have the chance to help other people the way someone else did with me.”

Stephanie says teaching Spanish is a little more involved than she expected.

Friends for the Journey

LaGrange College attracts the best and the brightest from all over the world. For example, our most recent incoming class consisted of men and women from 19 states and 10 countries, and included:

  • 76 members of Beta Club or the National Honor Society
  • 71 members of service organizations
  • 51 team captains in varsity sports
  • 25 leaders involved in student government, with 11 presidents
  • Three students involved in school publications, one as editor
  • Two Eagle Scouts
  • 20 musicians in band or orchestra
  • 18 singers in choir
  • 31 entertainers in performing arts
  • 85 students in religious activities.

But you don’t have to be a star in high school to succeed at LaGrange. Here, you’re given the opportunity to discover the best in yourself and find your destiny – all in a caring and supportive environment.